Emmanuel Macron’s Popularity Fading Fast

Just 37% approve of French voters approve of Macron, a drop of 20 percentage points since May.

One of the interesting, and concerning, things to watch is how the establishment media often turns politicians into temporary heroes – despite all evidence to the contrary.

Emmanuel Macron is a clear example of that.

When he was running against Marine Le Pen, Macron was featured everywhere in the global press. He was hailed as a “saviour” of France and the herald of a new global elite.

Despite being a part of the elite establishment in France as a high-level investment banker, Macron was presented as an “outsider” who would shake up the system.

As a result of this relentless and favourable coverage, Macron’s popularity soared. He won a big victory in the Presidential election, and his party win big as well.

Now, it seems the image is fading away.

In just three months, Macron’s approval rating has fallen from 57%, to just 37%, in what is among the fastest declines in popularity for a French President ever recorded.

While some of the drop can be attributed to labour reforms that will make it easier for workers to be fired by companies, Macron’s attitude has also come under fire.

He is seen as arrogant and out-of-touch, and pushed for military cuts against a popular and well-respected head of the military – who eventually left the government entirely.

It seems the more people see Macron in power, the less they like him.

Similarities to Trudeau

Both Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron often receive fawning media coverage, and they are often compared to each other. However, despite the positive coverage Macron received in France during the campaign, the French media is much more ideologically diverse than in Canada. There are countless publications on the left, right, and centre, giving a more broad perspective on Macron’s time in power.

By contrast, Canada’s media is much more ideologically uniform, and is generally supportive of the Trudeau government. As a result, Trudeau receives a level of political cover that Macron doesn’t get. Therefore, it’s quite likely that Trudeau’s numbers would be falling much more rapidly if the media was more ideologically varied in this country.

Both Macron and Trudeau are leaders with an agenda that serves the elites at the expense of regular citizens – while hiding behind a superficial mask of “progressiveness”. While Macron’s mask has already slipped, Trudeau’s false image remains largely intact among a segment of the population. However, we know very well that the longer time goes on, the tougher it is to hide the truth, and more and more people are beginning to see that fawning media coverage doesn’t mean a leader has the best interests of their country at heart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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