Watch As Andrew Scheer Slams Trudeau For Breaking Canada’s Immigration System

“Trudeau has asked Canadians to trust our immigration system. The problem is, we don’t trust Liberals to manage it.” – Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer is taking the fight directly to Justin Trudeau, confronting the Liberal government for breaking Canada’s immigration system.

Scheer points out that Canadians – and those seeking to join the Canadian family the right way – are paying the price for Trudeau’s destructive policies.

Watch Scheer’s statement in the video below:

A clear contrast

Scheer’s tough and honest response is a clear contrast with Trudeau’s deception and lies. Notice that Scheer correctly refers to “illegal” border crossing, while Trudeau called it “irregular” border crossings.

Scheer is speaking the truth. Trudeau is lying.

Clearly, Andrew Scheer is standing up for the Canadian people, our laws, our border, and our immigration system. By contrast, Justin Trudeau continues breaking our system and hurting law-abiding Canadians, and hurting those looking to join our country in a lawful and respectful way.

It’s good to see Andrew Scheer fighting back against the damaging agenda being forced upon our country by the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Liberals can’t be trusted to lead this country. Lets support Andrew Scheer to bring sanity back to our Canada.


IMO, Justin tends to breaks or has broken the ‘the law of the land’ we saw from the first day he became PM. The MEDIA allowed and PROMOTED Justin own laws against Canadians/Canada.
Question to Scherr is simple “what are planning to do with this influx of JUSTIN’S AND MEDIA ILLEGAL ALIENS COMING INTO CANADA?”

Brian Richard Allen

Apparently incapable of learning from the American experience of having permitted a middle-aged-man boy to decide his first-ever actual job should be to occupy the public housing set aside for, to pretend to the office of and to enjoy the perquisites usually reserved in America for its president, Canada elected its-own-already-promoted-way-beyond-Professor-Peter’s Principle’s Perfect-Poster-Person Use-By-Date — manchild:- AKA Baby-Dawk Trudeau;- “prime minister.”

And, thus, absolutely guaranteed Canada will – withing about 30 years – about a generation and a half – have spiraled into the third world – en-route to a New Dark Age.