WATCH: Trudeau’s Pathetically Dishonest Press Conference On His Failed Border Policy

Justin Trudeau is responsible for the huge influx of illegal border crossers, yet he acts like a weak and detached observer.

After a meeting with the so-called “border crosser task force,” Trudeau held a press conference where he had almost 30 minutes to finally make clear that it’s illegal to cross the border outside of an official border crossing.

As you probably imagined, he failed miserably. Not only did he refuse to repudiate his foolish “everyone is welcome” tweet, but he won’t even call the crossings “illegal,” instead using the word “irregular.”

This is a clear attempt by Trudeau to divert from what’s really happening and push a manipulative new wording.

Obviously, Trudeau has no intention of ending the illegal crossings. Instead, he wants to maintain his image in the global press, while pretending to “do something” about the border to avoid losing political support.

If you can stomach it, watch Trudeau’s pathetic and dishonest press conference for yourself:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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amazing how uncomfortable the line of liberals look waiting for the arrogant THRONE MASTER who makes sure he makes the grrrrrrrand entrance ….arrogant , irresponsible , totally wrong and a true misfit …” I have just met with ” ohhhhhh my ….what an important individual I am …. but now as I have been prompted by the conservatives and the irate populace and I say populace ( the unworthy lot ) , I will say what I should have said months ago…but I was waiting for my speech to be written …….fake , fake , fake , unfit . incapable… Read more »


He is the closest thing to a Gangster that I know


yup ” we have confidence that it will be a success ” just like ” THE BUDGET WILL BALANCE ITSELF ” la la land , here we come again …..

Bruce Ward

Blah blah blah..

J. Harris

Mr Prime Minister, could you please clarify exactly what these illegal border crossers are.
Are they migrants, refugees or asylum seekers? Supposedly all from the same ethnic and cultural background, Haiti.
Why can’t you just say illegal border crossings Mr Obama, oops! Sorry! Mr. Prime Minister.

Kevin Chesal

The gravy train is over you useless pack of twits


He should know all about integrity. He has none.


I got more information out of all the hand waving than his mouth.


Just like Angela Merkel, Trudeau will begin changing the tone coming from his speeches to sound more like “we are guarding our boarders” and why you might ask ? Because another election is getting closer and this little emperor wants to keep his title.
Let us all make sure that this does not happen !

don morris

He did it again, never actually made a clear statement on anything,just waffled about throwing cliches like rice at a wedding. Have Canadians been SO dumbed down by our education system that even professional journalists cannot see the man NEVER answers a question,and never has. He starts out with a few words on the subject and then takes his commentary sideways into cliche and political boilerplate, and the media never seems to care. When Mulcair blew up at Trudeau in the House a few weeks back,when he simply would NOT answer the question,”how many times have you met with the… Read more »

Andrew Klinzmann

Once again, “Socks-and-Selfie” boy outright REFUSES to actually answer anything ! There is a hopeful message from this travesty, though… The Gerald Butts-cabal controlling this moron is finally beginning to realize that Canadians are on to this stumbling, stammering, vacuous fool ! Press conferences like this only highlight the growing panic in the liberal party as they wake up to the fact that they chose a pot-smoking “surfer dude” as their leader; and are now stuck with him ! Bring on 2019 !


can anyone match this diarrhea of the mouth ….sound and fury signifying NOTHING