Andrew Scheer Shares Ideas To Fix Border Crisis

As the Trudeau government flails around unable to fix the border crisis triggered by a reckless tweet, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer has put forward some actual ideas to get the crisis under control.

Here’s what Scheer proposed:

  • Declare the two main illegal entry points (Lacolle, Quebec & Emerson, Manitoba) as official entry points. This would mean that illegal border crossers could not make asylum claims at those crossings. Currently, illegal border crossers are using a loophole in the safe third country agreement that lets them make asylum claims if they cross illegally, but not if they cross at an official entry point.
  • Apply the safe third country agreement across the entire border – which would effectively close the loophole entirely and make it legally impossible for individuals coming from the U.S. to file asylum claims in Canada.
  • Formally declare illegal border crossers as “irregular” arrivals. It’s important to note that this differs from Trudeau’s use of the term “irregular” to avoid saying “illegal” border crossers. As Scheer is using it, it refers to a formal designation that would involve many illegal crossers being detained, and impose restrictions on their immigration status.

As Scheer points out, even implementing any of the three actions would help:

Said Scheer, “One, it would have a practical consequence on dealing with the problem as it happens. It would also send that much-needed signal to all those in the United States who think that they can just come over and be in a better situation.”

Scheer’s ideas are simply common sense, and they would make a big difference in getting the problem under control.

And yet, the Trudeau government is acting like they don’t actually want the illegal crossings to end.

In fact, the Canadian Press points out that the Conservatives passed a law in 2012 that gives the government the authority to detain those who crossed illegally and restrict their immigration status in our country. However, the Trudeau government has simply refused to implement that legislation – which is still on the books.

Compassion and common-sense

As he discussed fixes for the border crisis, Scheer showed a good mix of compassion and common-sense. As he told the CP“We see images of human beings, men and women sometimes with children now here and nobody wants to see anybody go through any more hardship than they already have. But they are leaving stable situations in the United States, they are not leaving areas where they are facing persecution.”

In that paragraph, Scheer made more sense than Trudeau has during the entire ongoing crisis. That’s why Trudeau would be wise to set partisanship aside and follow Scheer’s suggestions for resolving the crisis. But considering Trudeau’s arrogance and agenda of dividing Canadians, the chances of that happening are slim.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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Andrew Scheer is offering practical and clever solutions. Hope that the Liberal government and Trudeau come to their senses. Is Trudeau trying to create chaos and a state emergency to call the army so he can rule for ever.


All the evidence is there for this!..


America is a nasty place to be for immigrants…hell, even for white Americans. I can’t blame anyone for wanting to leave such a police state. Canada, however, isn’t much different. Justin Trudeau is the velvet sock puppet covering the iron hand of tyranny.

Dan Balkwill

Trudeau’s government has for the most part contributed to erosion of Canadian values, disenfranchised the provinces of Canada, destroyed what ever unity their was as he annihilated sovereignty! Denied Christian beliefs and attacked any who do not support his nation destroying agenda as Rascist! With his attacks on free speech and threats of inprisonment or violence from his supporters he has crossed the line into outright fascism and dictatorship! His government meets or exceeds all the requirements to support that claim! He has become one of those socialist/ communist ideology he openly idolized !

Interested Reader

I believe that the PM’s use of the word “irregular” when read in context where he first used it and was criticized for doing so by the uninformed press and public, was actually correct. It is similar the way people might use the word “savage” which when used by the French people meant not the english word savage (such as cruel and dangerous) but “savage – people of the wild, or wild people” in a more positive sense. Thus a recent NDP facebook page purporting to test where you stand in say your political leanings, did not appear to understand… Read more »


Legality is not the same as justice…When perversion of justice occurs at the hands of unjust plaintiffs, lawyers and judges, the “legal system” is a farce.

From what I’ve observed so far, the legal system has more to do with the rights of criminals and offenders, than the rights or retribution for victims. Just ask a rape or home invasion victim.