IT BEGINS: Ontario Teachers Union Wants John A. Macdonald’s Name Stripped From Public Schools

Canadians must push back against dangerous efforts to destroy the memory of our shared Canadian history.

A disturbing movement is underway to erase the memory of Canada’s Founding Father John A. Macdonald.

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) voted to call on school boards across Ontario to remove the name of Sir John A. Macdonald from all public schools in the province.

They say their “reason” for the decision is Macdonald’s treatment of Indigenous people, with one member of the ETFO calling Macdonald “the architect” of “genocide of Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island.”

Political correctness gone crazy

This is all political correctness gone crazy.

Sir John A. Macdonald was certainly not a perfect person, and he definitely did some bad things.

However, the same could be said about almost every historical figure, and people in the future will say the same things about us one day.

Judging historical figures by the standards of the present day is always a big mistake.

After all, without John A. Macdonald it’s quite possible Canada wouldn’t exist in its current form, and I would say we have a lot to be proud of in how Canada turned out.

As the Father of Confederation, John A. Macdonald’s memory should be respected and shared throughout our country. His name absolutely should remain on schools and government buildings.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the full story shouldn’t be told. Students should be taught about the good things Macdonald did, and the bad things he did. The full context should be given, and his negative actions should be used as a reminder of how Canada has sought to change, grow, and make amends for the dark moments in our national past.

We must protect our Canadian history

All Canadians must push back against the insane politically correct efforts to wipe out our Canadian history and destroy memory of the past. Our full history – the good and the bad – must be told, and we must also honour those who made it possible for Canada to exist today.

No amount of revisionism can change the fact that John A. Macdonald helped make Canada’s existence possible, and if we erase his memory we are erasing a part of our country, and ourselves.

That must not happen.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Political correctness CANNOT erase our historical past and trying to do so is supreme folly.
We can’t rewrite history because we don’t like our level of consciousness at that time. We are still evolving and will continue to do so. I wonder how people will judge us in a few decades from now…. (I remember being a patient in a Toronto Hospital in the 80’s and smoking my room. This behaviour would be absolutely shocking today but back then it was fine… So, we evolve….)

Who are the haters

Fire them.


Spencer, Canadians don’t know how to push back. We are proud of not pushing back. Smug. Shop keepers………..we are going down fast.

Old Canadian

We have these idiots teaching our kids?


While I agree with most of your articles, this one I think is not quite right. If you don’t want China to take over Canada, then you need to thoroughly renounce this part of Canada’s racist past. John A. Macdonald wanted to completely erase Indigenous culture. He thought it was fine to separate children from their parents and put them in residential schools–why? so that British culture could reign supreme. He modelled it first you see. The person with the biggest wallet gets to impose his/her culture on the “natives” in Canada. We need a completely different way of doing… Read more »


Rewriting the past to suit the present destroys the future.


Here is the rub if he would have traded fairly with the Hudson Bay Company he would have and should have consumed a hell of a lot less Alchol and way more Beaver pelts would be traded with our First Nations and perhaps honor would be present to this very day.


I have no problem dis-honoring, or de-honoring any politician by removing their name from some bridge, school, airport, park, building, concept or whatever object, unless they had some real ‘sweat equity’ into its creation. I used to have some ‘Hope’ for ‘Real change NOW’ from all these sweet-talking shysters, but now I have little but disdain and disgust for the whole bunch. I say go ahead and remove all of them, and instead name the objects after furry animals that all will love for all time going forward. Just get it done, once, and be done with this horrible waste… Read more »