POLL: 97% Say Trudeau Cares More For Global Citizenship Award Than Canada’s Border

Justin Trudeau is certainly popular in the foreign press. He says all the politically-correct things, and serves the interests of international corporations and banks instead of supporting the Canadian people.

Of course, more and more Canadians are waking up to this fact.

We can see this in the results of a Twitter poll I posted, and which received a big response.

I asked whether people thought Trudeau cares more about protecting the border or his global citizen award.


97% say Trudeau cares more about his upcoming Global Citizen award, with only 3% saying he cares about the border.

756 people voted, comparable to many polls.

While there are certainly many who remain influenced by the elitist establishment spin, we can see that a growing core of Canadians are seeing the truth.

There is clearly a growing awareness that Trudeau is concerned only for his own image and gaining more attention in the press, rather than doing what’s best for Canadians.

Spencer Fernando