REPORT: Illegal Border Crossers To Receive Welfare Cheques

The Quebec government is planning to hand out welfare cheques to thousands of illegal border crossers.

Quebec’s employment Minister Simon Laboissonniere estimates that 4,000 people will get the cheques for September.

According to the Canadian Press, the minimum payment per month will be $632 per person, and some will get more based on their family status.

The cheques will be given out over three days starting next Wednesday at Montreal’s Palais des congres convention centre.

After getting the cheques, the illegal border crossers will be asked to find a permanent place to live.

Canadian taxpayers paying for Trudeau’s tweet

Ever since Justin Trudeau’s reckless and irresponsible “welcome in Canada” tweet, there has been a growing surge of illegal border crossers.

Now, Canadian taxpayers are paying the price, as tax dollars are being spent as a direct result of Trudeau’s tweets. Of course, we know that this will send the continued message that there is a big benefit to crossing Canada’s border illegally.

Think of the incentive that has been created: If you cross Canada’s border illegally, you get helped by the RCMP, then you get money from the government, and then there could be many months before an asylum claim is even heard.

So, why wouldn’t someone try to cross illegally?

The policies of both the Trudeau government and Quebec government are incentivizing more illegal crossings, and are hurting Canadian taxpayers and those trying to join the Canadian family in the lawful way.

Until our leaders wake up to common sense and start actually ensuring the integrity of Canada’s border, the illegal crossings are going to continue to grow, and Canadians will continue to pay the price.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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