WEAK: Trudeau Rejects Wisdom Of Romeo Dallaire By Refusing To Protect Canadians With Missile Defence

The first duty of any leader is to keep the country safe. By rejecting missile defence, Justin Trudeau is failing in that duty.

In yet another example of weakness, Justin Trudeau says Canada won’t join the U.S. missile defence shield.

When asked whether Canada would send troops back to Afghanistan and join the U.S. missile defence system, Trudeau said, “On those cases, we will always take the decisions in terms of what is the best interests of Canadians. And our long-standing positions on those two issues are not going to be changed any time soon.”

While nobody expects Canada to head back to Afghanistan, Trudeau’s rejection of missile defence was a surprise to many.

Since Canada has no missile defence program of our own, and no government plans to build a defense system, this leaves Canada vulnerable.

As the threat from North Korea continues – and their missiles become more advanced by the day – leaving Canada without missile defences is a huge risk.

Even if Canada was not targeted, much of our country could be in the flight-path of a North Korean ICBM.

It would be much better to have a missile shot down far outside of our territory, rather than above it.

Additionally, it would just take a missile malfunction or targeting error for Canada to be hit.

No guarantee Canada would be protected by U.S. system if we aren’t a part of it

Respected Senator Romeo Dallaire says Canada should sign up to join the missile defence shield, because we can’t guarantee the system would be used to help us if we aren’t a part of it:

“Canada should join the ballistic missile defence program. We currently cannot put a hand on our heart and say that it will be used to help us should something happen,” says Dallaire.

While we can’t be certain what the future holds, entire point of having strong defences is to ensure we can keep our people safe in case things go very wrong.

By rejecting the imperative of protecting the Canadian people with missile defences, and rejecting the wisdom of Romeo Dallaire, Justin Trudeau is abdicating his duty to keep our country safe.

Spencer Fernando


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