DESPICABLE: Trudeau Government Worried About Votes In 2019 While They Wreck Immigration System

As Canada’s border crisis continues to grow, the Trudeau government isn’t focused on doing what’s right for Canadians. Instead, they’re focused on votes in 2019.

A Global News report discusses the words of a government source who says the Trudeau government is worried about losing votes in Quebec as a result of the illegal border crossing surge.

Turns out, it’s not the risk that illegal border crossers are taking under a false image perpetuated by Trudeau, or the cost to Canadian taxpayers, or the punishment to those who are waiting in line the legal way that concerns the Trudeau government.

None of that matters to them.

What does matter to the Trudeau government?



According to the report, the government is worried that they will lose popularity in Quebec:

“Trudeau’s Liberals need to gain support in Quebec to offset expected losses elsewhere ahead of an October 2019 election. Asked whether the Liberals were worried about losing popularity in Quebec, the source said: “Absolutely. That’s a concern.”

It’s also mentioned that there is increased worry there will be more massive surges of illegal border crossers.

Of course, one tough tweet from Trudeau could put an end to the surge, just as his tweet caused it in the first place.

But yet again, the government is worried about image, rather than doing the right thing. The source says the government doesn’t want to lose votes in Quebec from further surges, but says “if Trudeau clamps down too far, he risks tarnishing a long-cultivated reputation for openness and tolerance.”

All image, all the time

Yet again, we see that the Trudeau government is obsessed only with their image, not doing the right thing. At a time when the government should be acting in the interests of Canadians to end the border crisis and fix the severe damage they’ve done to our Canadian immigration system, Trudeau is instead focused on his own selfish political fortunes.

It’s a total disgrace.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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jack grandville

This is just the norm for the Liberal Party and Trudeau. Their ascent to power gave them a tailor made the opportunity to ‘look ahead’ for a benefit for themselves, not for Canadians, which by law and by honour, should be the first and foremost concern of any elected government. And, in typical greedy, malicious action, and intent, that is what they did and continue to do. Not only do they not consider the citizens of the country as a responsibility, but they have intentionally almost broken the bank (assuming there may be something left) but have lied, connived and… Read more »

Is it not time to take a vote of confidence? He is going to suck up to Quebec for votes let us hope Quebec is more Loyal to Canada than swallow what crap this Not so funny joke attempts to nicely shove down their throats. He spins lies like spiders spin webs…….just far more Vile…….HE DOSE NOT HAVE CANDADAS BEST INTEREST. HAS SOLD OUT ALL CANADIANS. Irreversible damage that will effect future Canadians Laws.
Time for no confidence Vote on Clown BOY!!!!!!!
Where is the Opposition????

Concerned Canadian

Unfortunately, Trudope and the Liberals have a ‘Majority’ government, which means that they have the majority of the seats in the House of Commons, so, unfortunately, any attempt at a non confidence vote would be defeated by the Liberals. The opposition can scream and yell all they want, but sadly, our system of government allows the party with a majority of seats to do whatever they want, and allows the PM to be an absolute dictator!


Of course that empty headed jackalope Trudeau doesn’t care about Canada and doing the right thing. It’s all about virtue signalling. Empty promises to go along with his empty head. If that clown wins again, you can kiss Canada goodbye as he will screw us over even worse than his father before him. Perhaps instead of an airport, we can name an outhouse after Justin.


This Irresponsible Traitor better NOT Ever get Voted in Again. Canadians had to find out the HARD WAY how STUPID, IRRESPONSIBLE and what a LIAR that he is! The MAJORITY of Canadians HATE this SOB!


Where is recall when we really, really need it … ??? Like NOW!!!


This is getting ridiculous, at least people are getting red pilled like crazy. Two years-ish ago CBC article comments were 80% libtards and 20% not libtards then I noticed an article where 28/28 comments were anti Trudeau… THEN they took away the comment section lol


That’s the whole havoc create a mess so great that will deem impossible to clean up by the next government which I don’t want the cpc to end up doing then to be blamed for not doing a good job.
The liberals and their media should bare the responsible for this disaster and they alone should up the mess.


Anyone who votes these Liberal clowns back in power, needs to see a SHRINK.

Mike Rahn

The system has a major flaw wjen a majority government has no opposition. This idiotic liberal govermment has destroyed Canada for some votes and money. Treason is what it is called and the liberal party is making a mockery of it. All levels of government should and must be held accountable for their deceit and outright arrogance. To be called a racist for wanting are borders to be secure is outrageous. Not only should our borders be secure i demand it for the country’s future. We should not have to wait for another election to have this traitorous arrogant idiot… Read more »