Canadian Council For Refugees Rips Trudeau Government For Lying About Advantages Of Crossing Illegally

The evidence of the Trudeau government’s continued deception is impossible to ignore.

The Canadian Council of Refugees is ripping the Trudeau government for telling illegal border crossers that there is “no advantage” to crossing the Canadian border illegally.

As reported by Althia Raj of HuffPost Canada, the head of the Canadian Council for Refugees says the Trudeau government messaging is false.

“The reason that people come irregularly is because that is the way to avoid the Safe Third Country Agreement. I don’t understand on what basis you could say you don’t have an advantage by doing it. I mean, the advantage is you can make a claim [while] you would be immediately found not eligible if you presented yourself at a point of entry,” said Dench.

Obvious advantages

Because of the actions of Justin Trudeau, and now the Liberal Quebec government, it is obvious that there are big advantages to crossing illegally.

Illegal border crossers are getting accommodations, welfare, and possibly work permits. They are getting healthcare services, and are able to stay in Canada for months before their asylum claims are heard.

And – as Dench points out – the very fact that their claims are being heard in the first place is the biggest advantage of all.

At this point, the Trudeau government is planning to keep all of those things in place, which means the incentive to cross illegally remains in place.

As a result, the illegal crossings will continue.

Of course, the government could easily stem the flow of illegal crossings. Andrew Scheer listed several good ideas, including extending the safe third country agreement across the entire border – which would make it impossible for illegal border crossers to make asylum claims and thus eliminate the incentive to cross.

And yet, Trudeau has ignored all warnings and ideas about the growing border crisis and our broken immigration system, just as he has ignored the Canadian Council for Refugees. It’s a sign that Trudeau’s arrogance is consuming any last remnants of judgement and common sense that may have remained in the government.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Trudeau has the arrogance of his father and the brains of his mother.

mitch dineen

his mother is not that stupid.

jack grandville

Consuming any last remaining common sense would only take a second, considering all of the intentional blunders, lies and simply bad governance this government has clearly demonstrated — it appears at times that the majority of those on that side of the House are not overly pleased with his antics but, because of the rules, cannot (will not) openly allowed that to be known.

alan skelhorne

oh really, did you honestly think that trudeau is going to change,
he is anti-canadian, he is getting revenge for his fathers work in destroying canada.
its all there in plain n money for canada, except for the banks, the auto industry, and of course his favourite, bombardier, oops, another quebec company. time to wake up canada,

edward yatscoff

2.5 billion to the UN for climate change and another billion to the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Hamas)

Jill Ward

Really?? Well, they’re receiving free housing, welfare cheques, he promised them amnesty and fast tracking to citizenship next year plus the minute they touch our soil, our system promises them we cannot remove them without a fair investigation – all on our dime and can go on for years and the longer they are here the less likely we are to have the right to remove them. NO advantage??? YEAH RIGHT! What he really means is THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE FOR CANADA AND WE CANADIANS! BTW. get a load of what is at the head of the Canadian refugee council… Read more »

Lee Grieves

Well said Jill.

Jan Scheit

Trudeau misspoke. What he actually meant to say was, “Post-Rational” not “Post-National”, hence everything is going according to plan.

Sam King

So many articles about how welcoming Cabada,is but is it true? If you arrive legally the US is the nicest place in the world. If you just walk across the border uninvited well it tends to put people on edge. Just like Canada. The Problem of course is your Prime Minister. Real welcoming in speeches but he doesn’t have to do the dirty work of taking them in. There is a reason immigration laws are on the books. It gives a limit to those who can be aborbed into a society without effecting the people already there. You shouldnt notice… Read more »