GOOD: Scheer Sticking To Pledge To Defend Free Speech At Universities

Scheer re-iterates that universities should not be stifling freedom of speech.

It’s well-known among Canadians that there is a growing problem on our universities. Institutions that were once places of open debate, discussion, and competing ideas, have increasingly become stifling indoctrination factories that leave students unequipped for the job market while burdening graduates with a victim-based ideology.

This is all made worse by the fact that these institutions are funded with our tax dollars. As a result, common-sense, hard working Canadians are paying taxes to fund academic elites who are weakening our country with an extreme worldview.

Not only are Conservative viewpoints often banned and stamped out, but even centrist and centre-left views are attacked. Those who would once have considered themselves as regular left-wingers are often shocked to find that the radical left sees them as enemies.

In response to this growing insanity, during his campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party Andrew Scheer pledged to stop federal funding from going to universities that stifled free speech.

The highly popular policy was a big vote-getter, and helped Scheer win the party leadership. And while some saw him as backtracking on the policy after a group was allegedly blocked from the University of Toronto recently, Scheer has now reiterate that “extreme examples” don’t change his pledge to stop federal funds from going to universities that are restricting freedom of speech.

“I won’t allow kind of those extreme examples to be used as a justification for what’s going on campuses here in Canada. No one likes when debate gets stifled, when these events get cancelled, whether it’s a former president or prime minister of Israel, whether it’s a discussion on a panel,” said Scheer in an interview.

This is good to hear. With freedom of speech under assault like never before, we need leaders willing to show toughness and strength in defence of the rights of all Canadians to share their views. By focusing on universities, Scheer is making clear that he won’t make Canadian taxpayers complicit in the suppression of free speech.

While Scheer’s approach may not be perfect, he is going much further to defend free speech than any other national party leader. In fact, the other leaders are trying to take away free speech even more.

Those pushing to destroy free speech are playing a dangerous game. They often forget that the power they want to give to politicians to ban speech could one day be used against themselves.

Our society will not survive if we are not able to freely debate ideas and ensure that the best ideas win in free and open competition. Putting up with ideas we disagree with and allowing controversial people to speak is a small price to pay for protecting and defending our freedom.

That’s why we must all push back against the anti-free speech agenda, and support politicians like Andrew Scheer when they are willing to fight back against the danger of authoritarian political correctness.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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