Omar Khadr Demanding Looser Bail Conditions, Including Unlimited Internet Access & Travel Across Canada

Apparently his massive $10.5 million payout from Justin Trudeau wasn’t enough.

Newly-minted multi-millionaire Omar Khadr is demanding more.

Now, he wants his bail conditions loosened.

Here’s what Khadr is demanding:

  • Unlimited internet access.
  • The ability to travel across Canada without asking permission.
  • No longer having to check-in with a supervisor about his travel plans.
  • Unrestricted access to his sister Zaynab Khadr – who has expressed pro-Al-Qaeda views.

These demands will be considered by an Edmonton Court on Thursday.

Here’s what Khadr said in an affidavit:

“I wish to become independent and to put my legal matters behind me. I am a law-abiding citizen and I wish to live free of court-imposed conditions.”

Apparently $10.5 million isn’t enough

Canadians were rightly outraged, and remain outraged, about the massive payment to Omar Khadr made by the Trudeau government.

71% of Canadians oppose the payment, and that hasn’t changed.

Additionally, an Angus Reid poll shows that a clear majority of Canadians believe “Omar Khadr remains a potential radicalized threat now living in Canada.” 64% of Canadians agree with that statement.

So, we can imagine that there will be renewed anger among many Canadians at word that Khadr is demanding even more from Canada. This fits a repeated pattern, where Khadr has pushed for more and more and more at every turn, while doing nothing to make amends. After all, Tabitha Speer hasn’t seen a dime of Khadr’s big payday, and there is no sign that Khadr intends to give her any money.

Additionally, many will be concerned about Khadr and his sister Zaynab. As noted by the Canadian Press, “Zaynab Khadr, who was born in Ottawa, was at one point unable to get a Canadian passport after frequently reporting hers lost. She was also subject to an RCMP investigation in 2005 but faced no charges. Her third husband, Canadian Joshua Boyle, is reportedly still a Taliban hostage along with his American wife and children in Afghanistan. In 2008, she went on a hunger strike on Parliament Hill to draw attention to her brother’s plight as an American captive in Guantanamo Bay.”

Disturbingly, the CP notes that Khadr has not denounced Zaynab’s pro-Al-Qaeda remarks, saying only “I’m not excusing what they said. I’m not justifying what they said. They were going through a hard time. They said things out of anger or frustration.”

A deeper problem in Canada

This exemplifies a deeper problem with the attitude of Canada’s out-of-touch political and legal elites. Those who have disrespected Canada and acted contrary to our values are all too often rewarded, while upstanding Canadian citizens are ignored and left behind.

While common-sense Canadians would expect the Edmonton court to block any loosening of bail condition for Khadr, the recent government response doesn’t give much hope that common-sense will prevail.

Spencer Fernando


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