Brad Wall Kicks Bill Boyd Out Of Caucus After China Investment Controversy

Conflict-of-interest Commissioner review found that Boyd tried to influence possible investors while he was in China.

Bill Boyd – former Saskatchewan Economy Minister and MLA in the legislature – has been kicked out of the Saskatchewan Party Caucus.

The decision was made by Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, as Boyd was the subject of a very negative report from the Saskatchewan conflict-of-interest Commissioner.

Boyd was involved in an investment/immigration scheme where he went to China and tried to get wealthy business people in the country to invest in an irrigation business he owned, and then use that investment to help their chances of immigrating to Canada.

At some events in China, Boyd was presented as the Finance Minister of Saskatchewan, and posters advertising the event had the Government of Saskatchewan logo on them – even though the government had no involvement in the scheme, and Boyd was not the Finance Minister any longer.

As a result of the review – which found Boyd had tried to influence investors in China (including putting the Saskatchewan government logo on the slides of a power-point presentation he delivered), Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall kicked Boyd out of the governing caucus – even though Boyd was planning to resign on September 1st.

Here’s what Wall said in a statement:

“Even though Mr. Boyd has already announced his resignation from the legislative assembly effective Sept. 1, 2017, I take very seriously the commissioner’s findings and believe (Boyd’s) removal from caucus for his few remaining days as an MLA is warranted. I have taken the further step of referring the commissioner’s opinion to the Ministry of Justice to consider whether any further legal action is warranted.”

Boyd apologizes

In the wake of his removal, Boyd apologized for his actions. “It never was my intention to be in a conflict in any way; however, I made an error in judgment and for that, I am truly sorry,” said Boyd.

Good action by Wall

Wall made a good decision here. The usual politician choice would be to just let it slide since Boyd was going to resign anyway. However, Wall has chosen to send an important message – that people can’t use their government position to profit personally.

As China’s influence rises – and the financial incentive for politicians to leverage their position to profit becomes even bigger – we will need more leaders like Brad Wall to send a tough message that discourages such behaviour.

Spencer Fernando


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