REPORT: Trudeau Liberals Will Lose Support After Tax Attack On Small Businesses

Pollster says Trudeau’s tax changes could lead to more Canadians spending their money and time to defeat the Liberals.

One of Canada’s top pollsters – Greg Lyle from Innovative Research – says proposed tax changes by the Trudeau Liberals could cost them support, and help the Conservatives raise money and volunteers.

The tax changes will increase taxes on those who incorporate themselves.

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to sell the changes as a measure to stop self-employed people from incorporating in order to pay lower taxes.

However, the changes will impact many Canadian small businesses, including farmers, plumbers, landscapers, and doctors. This will be a big hit to the economy, and will punish entrepreneurial job creators.

As reported by the Hill Times, Lyle “predicted that opponents of these tax measures will not only donate money to the Conservatives, but will also actively campaign against the Liberals in 2019.”

Lyle told the Hill Times that the Trudeau Liberals will make “some real enemies.”

Big business benefits while small business gets screwed

It’s quite instructive to see that the Trudeau government has bent over backwards to do the bidding of big banks and Bay Street, while punishing Canadian small businesses and entrepreneurs.

It’s outrageous that the government would think punishing Canada’s farm families, entrepreneurs and other small businesses would do anything other than hurt our country. Meanwhile, Trudeau is giving the big banks – and foreign banks – a $35 billion taxpayer-funded giveaway with the infrastructure bank.

This elitist agenda is damaging to our country and our economy, and it needs to be stopped. That’s why the comments from pollster Greg Lyle are such a positive thing. It shows more Canadians are waking up and will take steps to oppose Trudeau’s dangerous agenda and will work to make sure Trudeau’s attack on Canada’s small businesses is punished at the polls.

Spencer Fernando


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