Sign The Petition Against Trudeau’s Attack On Canadian Small Businesses

While Justin Trudeau gives bailouts to big corporations and shovels billions of taxpayer dollars into the hands of banks, he’s planning a tax attack that will be devastating to Canadian small businesses. Help fight back.

Petition E-1239 has been introduced in the House of Commons sponsored by MP Michelle Rempel, giving Canadians a chance to speak out and push back against Trudeau’s destructive tax changes.

The changes will hurt farmers, doctors, plumbers, and a whole host of other Canadian small business owners. Here’s what the incoming leader of Doctors Manitoba said about it:

She is just one of many who are speaking out, and the petition is already over 5,000 signatures.

Here’s the text of the petition:



  • The Minister of Finance has released a proposal entitled “Tax Planning Using Private Corporations” which proposes to limit sharing business income with family members and raise taxes on investments (passive income) held by businesses;
  • Small businesses are a significant source of economic diversification and economic growth in Canada;
  • Small business owners take major risk in starting and running their businesses, and in keeping people employed through periods of economic instability;
  • These proposed changes to the small business tax system will create instability and uncertainty for small business owners; and
  • Many small business owners in Canada and those employed by small business feel that these changes are unfair and will hurt the Canadian economy.

We, the undersigned, concerned citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Minister of Finance to abandon his proposed changes in the “Tax Planning Using Private Corporations” proposal and to publicly commit to not raising taxes on small business owners which would adversely affect all Canadians.”

Trudeau’s tax attack must be stopped

Clearly, Justin Trudeau’s elitist agenda is about punishing hard-working Canadians while enriching his powerful friends. After all, if he actually wanted to help Canada, he would look at tax loopholes that allow the biggest corporations to pay billions less per year, and he would never have given $35 billion to big banks through the so-called “Canada Infrastructure Fund.”

Instead, he’s attacking Canada’s small businesses – the biggest job creators in our economy. That says all we need to know about his priorities.

If you’re against Trudeau’s dangerous tax changes, you can help push back by signing the petition at the link below. Let’s send a clear message that Canadians won’t let Trudeau hurt Canada’s small businesses without us putting up a fight.


Spencer Fernando


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