VIDEO: How Socialism Ruined Venezuela

Venezuela is no longer a democracy, and they no longer have a functioning economy. This is despite the fact that they sit atop the largest oil reserves on earth.

In the video below, watch as Venezuela-born political activist Debbie D’Souza explains how socialism ruined Venezuela.

D’Souza’s video is an important reminder that no country is immune from socialism, and socialism never arrives all at once.

We must always be vigilant against leaders who promise that giving more power to politicians and government can fix all our problems, and instead remember that decentralization and freedom is the best path forward.

There are still many fools who think “it’s not real socialism” every time socialism fails again. Many are being indoctrinated in our universities as we speak. That’s why common-sense Canadians will need to push back against the rise of socialism, and ensure that our freedom is not taken away from us.

Spencer Fernando