BAD IDEA: Group Wants Statue Of John A. Macdonald Removed From Regina

A group called the Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism (SCAR) wants to take away a statue of Canada’s Founding Father John A. Macdonald.

They’re demanding that Regina City Hall remove the statue.

The group has been making extreme statements, including saying Regina “is built literally on white supremacy,” and they consider the statue to be part of that.

Obviously, that’s an absurd statement, and it wrecks whatever credibility that group may have had.

Even worse, Chris Kortright of SCAR compared the John A. Macdonald statue to statues of Confederate generals from the U.S. Civil War.


As I’ve said before, all Canadians need to push back against this dangerous and growing movement to wipe out Canada’s history.

John A. Macdonald was integral to the founding of our great nation. And while the bad things he did must be discussed openly and included in history, wiping out his memory and removing statues of him is not the answer.

Additionally, removing John A. Macdonald isn’t where it will stop. Very few famous Canadians hold up by today’s standards. For example, Tommy Douglas was a big supporter of eugenics, and Pierre Trudeau helped write a government White Paper from 1969 that is seen as racist by many people.

So, we would have to eliminate the historical memory of almost every prominent Canadian in order to meet today’s standards of political correctness, and that would be a very bad idea.

Canada’s history – both the good and the bad – must be protected.

Spencer Fernando

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Kathy Woycik

We need to remove all Trudeau from Canadian History…talk about ruining and screwing up Canada…let’s start there.

Timothy J Hickey

Canadians need to wake up before we lose our IDENTITY as a Nation! These groups being aroused and funded from interests outside of Canada, need to be warned that there will be zero tolerance for the divide and conquer strategy being used to bring down our country, and the west! We need to Stand Tall and on Guard against these movements! Enforcing the law and exposing those who would wear masks to disturb the PEACE would be a FIRST STEP in ridding ourselves of these hate groups who do not understand the Concept of FREEDOM and Responsibility! Justice must be… Read more »




So it seems The Ontario Teachers Union!!!! I truly do not comprehend Teachers wanting to erase any form of history that does not conform to their way of thinking!!!!!


Teachers in general do not know our history as it was never really taught to them. However that’s no excuse for stupidity. Just a little work and research will open our history to them, if they are interested in learning.
Wasn’t it our child leader Trudeau who said Canada has no, what’s the word I want, no personality !


Nut cases, the bloody lot of them

Thank you

It would be nice if you put links to or cite the sources for:

“Tommy Douglas was a big supporter of eugenics, and Pierre Trudeau helped write a government White Paper from 1969 that is seen as racist by many people.”

Nice commentary though….

Rick Churchill

It is time to push back against the Liberal/Left and refuse to bow to their demands for political correctness. Have been emboldened by a mainstream media that panders to Social Fascism in the guise of ANTIFA and BLM and have watched while thugs from the Liberal/Left here in Canada and the Democrat/Left in the US have brought violence against anyone who disagrees with their view of the world. And the powers that should be protecting our rights, our pathetic excuses for government, have had the police stand down when faced with Left Wing violence while they and the media scream… Read more »

alan skelhorne

i am just wondering if george soros n the mr. socks is behind these groups that are springing up all over the place. i do believe its high time the bikers started paying them a visit. this is a copy cat crap started in the states, but we all know trudeau has said on multiple occaisions, canada has no identity. something is strange going on in canada, we need all the help we can get.let them try this in quebec with statues of rene levesque n senior trudeau. wow this is going to get very interesting.


To baby trudeau, I say, “Fuddle Duddle”!

jack grandville

I think that each of the comments above clearly demonstrates one very important thing and that is that there is considerable angst across this country. In my view that alone should be a warning light if the government had any idea of ‘governing’ for all. We have, as I see it, no more and no less than an ideological robot, created by Pierre to carry out a type of destruction of this country, which was without a doubt precisely what Pierre was on his way to achieving before being defeated at the polls. For us as a society to have… Read more »