Jean-François Lisée Calls Illegal Border Crossers “Justin Trudeau’s Guests”

It begins: Parti Quebecois Leader Jean-François Lisée wants Canadian taxpayers to cover the cost of illegal border crossers in Quebec.

The leader of Quebec’s top separatist party wants the federal government to cover the cost of illegal border crossers who entered the province.

Lisée said the influx of illegal crossers is “the result of Trudeau’s irresponsible declarations,” particularly his “everyone is welcome” tweet.

He doesn’t want Quebec paying for those he called “Justin Trudeau’s guests.”

“If I were Quebec’s premier, I would start making my calculations,” said Lisée. “The federal government should be paying. I don’t hear Philippe Couillard saying this,” he added.

Couillard criticized Lisée’s comments, and has given no indication that he’ll ask the federal government to pay for everything.

Quebec is planning to hand out about 4,000 welfare cheques per month to those who crossed illegally.

This was inevitable

Lisée’s demand for federal funding is no surprise. An under-reported fact is that the majority of Quebecers want illegal border crossers turned back at the border, and there is rising anger at the disrespect being shown towards the border and the law.

The Trudeau Liberals and Couillard government find themselves in an increasingly politically isolated position. Quebec’s top opposition party in the polls – the Coalition Avenir Quebec – has called for illegal border crossers to be stopped at the border, and there is growing concern over the use of taxpayer dollars and resources when those same resources haven’t been used to help homeless citizens.

As long as Trudeau refuses to respect the integrity of Canada’s laws and borders, demands from provincial political figures for federal funds will continue to grow, and the cost to Canadians will continue to escalate.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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