POLL: Trudeau Liberals Lead Scheer Conservatives 42% to 35%

With 48% saying they have no opinion of Scheer, the Conservatives must act fast before Trudeau negatively defines him in the eyes of millions of Canadians.

A poll by Forum Research shows the Trudeau Liberals seven percentage points ahead of the Scheer Conservatives.

The NDP – without a permanent leader – are far behind.

Here are the results:

  • Liberals – 42%
  • Conservatives – 35%
  • NDP – 14%
  • Bloc – 4%
  • Green – 4%


Trudeau approval vs Scheer approval

With Andrew Scheer still introducing himself to Canadian voters, Trudeau retains a large approval lead.

According to the poll, 49% approve of Trudeau, while 42% disapprove.

For Scheer, 25% approve, 26% disapprove, and 48% say they don’t have an opinion.

A dangerous moment for Scheer

Andrew Scheer is facing a dangerous moment. With his approval/disapproval numbers nearly balanced, and almost half of all Canadians having no opinion of him yet, he is at risk of being defined negatively by the Liberals. Just as Stephen Harper was able to negatively define Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, Scheer is at risk of being cut off from the support of millions of Canadians before he really gets a chance.

That’s why the Conservatives should use some of their vast fundraising dollars to run a positive ad campaign introducing Scheer to Canadians before the Trudeau Liberals can destroy his image.

Additionally, the Conservatives will need to be tough and relentless pointing out Trudeau’s damaging policies and harmful agenda. Because much of the elitist corporate media is pro-Trudeau, the Conservatives have to work harder to push their message through the filter.

Finally, while a new NDP leader could make a difference, these poll results – and the trend over the last few years – show that the Conservatives can’t rely on their old strategy of splitting the Liberal vote into a stronger NDP. The Conservatives will have to figure out how to get into the 40’s in terms of support, something Harper was unable to do.

As I’ve said before, this will require a focus on economic nationalism that puts the interest of Canada’s workers and businesses first at all times. While the Liberals are the party of big corporations and banks, the Conservatives have often been tagged with that image as well. They will need to push back against that, and push back against the globalist agenda of opening our country up to be bought by foreign countries. They will also need to fight against trade deals that crush the wages of Canadian workers.

Scheer has already taken a step in that direction by opposing the idea of a Canada-China free trade agreement (which is being pushed by globalist stooge Trudeau), but he and the Conservatives will need to push back against that agreement much more strongly, and will need to make a concerted effort to become the party of Canada’s working class.

If they fail to do that, they may still be able to win 30% to 35% of the vote, but it doesn’t look like that will be enough to defeat Trudeau in 2019.

Read the full poll here

Spencer Fernando


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