Scheer Pushes Back On Trudeau’s Attacks On Energy Industry & Small Business

Speaking to the Alberta Enterprise Group in Edmonton, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer criticized the Trudeau government for damaging Canada’s energy industry and planning tax changes that would hurt Canadian small businesses.

As reported by the Edmonton Journal, Scheer ripped Trudeau for blocking the Northern Gateway pipeline, despite the fact that it was approved by the National Energy Board.

Said Scheer, “(It) was opening up a whole new market for Western Canadian energy, and that was killed not because of science, not because of objective data, but because of politics.”

Trudeau has used the energy industry as a political pawn in his game of virtue-signalling to the foreign press. Rather than stand up for Canadian jobs and prosperity, Trudeau seeks to burnish his global image instead.

Scheer also said something that will please the millions of Canadians being crushed by taxes, saying “The Conservative party of Canada under my leadership will always oppose a carbon tax.”

Scheer went after the Trudeau government for their upcoming attack on Canadian small businesses, telling the crowd of business people that he needed them to speak out about the damage Trudeau’s tax changes will do to jobs.

According to the Edmonton Journal, Scheer said “We need to be able to get up in the House of Commons (with) … stories  from people who say if these tax changes go ahead I’ll be OK, but the seven guys who work in my shop, the person I just hired at the front counter, that’s who it’s going to hurt.”

It’s important to point out that while the Trudeau Liberals will try to make the tax changes look like they’re going after the wealthy, that’s not actually what’s happening. The changes will hurt small businesses, and cost jobs among middle-class and working-class Canadians who are already struggling. If Trudeau really wanted more tax money, he would focus on closing loopholes used by the biggest corporations to avoid billions in taxes per year, and he wouldn’t have given $35 billion of taxpayer dollars to banks through the “Canada” Infrastructure Fund.

Of course, the big banks and big corporations are the people Trudeau really serves, and he won’t hesitate to screw over small businesses and Canadian workers to keep the system of perks that benefits the elites.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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