Contradicting Trudeau, Liberal MP Says Canada Needs Ballistic Missile Defences

Despite Justin Trudeau abdicating his duty to protect Canadians by rejecting missile defence, Liberal MP John McKay says Canada should become a part of the U.S. missile defence system because of the increasing threat posed by North Korea.

As reported by the Hill Times, McKay says “Canada wants to be in control of as much of its own sovereignty as it possibly can. I think the threat is real. I think the military experts need to be listened to.”

Until recently, McKay was the parliamentary secretery to the Minister of Defence, and previously served as Liberal Defence Critic. As a result, he has more experience than many MP’s when it comes to Canada’s defences.

Why do we fund missile defence in Europe, but deny protection to our own citizens?

The Canadian government spends taxpayer money on missile defences in Europe through NATO, but denies that protection to Canadian citizens. That is unacceptable. The safety of Canadians must be the first priority of the government, and no other country should be getting our tax dollars for protections our own people aren’t receiving.

Contradicting Trudeau

McKay should be applauded for advocating for the protection of Canadians. His position could come at a political cost for him, as it contradicts Justin Trudeau who said the governments opposition to missile defence is “not going to be changed any time soon.”

With the rapidly escalating North Korea threat, Trudeau is shamefully rejecting the most important aspect of his job – protecting the security of Canadians.

Conservative failure

Justin Trudeau deserves heavy criticism for failing to respond to the escalating threat from North Korea. That said, the previous Conservative government – who talked a big game on Canada’s defences – also failed to sign up for the program.

This speaks to a bigger problem within Canada’s political class, as the defence of our country is often treated as an afterthought. Our procurement process is garbage, our military is horribly underfunded, and our real “defence strategy” is to beg the United States for help if we ever get in real trouble.

That must change.

Not only does Canada need to sign up for missile defence, but we need to dramatically increase our military spending, and build up our homegrown defence industry.

The Conservatives are still the most pro-defence party in Canada, but they need to get much tougher on that file and exert pressure on Trudeau to sign up for missile defence ASAP.

Canada is a beautiful country, and our citizens deserve leaders who do everything possible to keep us safe and secure against threats in a dangerous world.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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couldn’t agree more…


Obvious that this lack of action only points to SPINELESS LEADERSHIP not to true belief , sound knowledge and wise direction !!! he just has to be ousted …

jack grandville

Holy smokes — a Liberal with an active brain? There goes his career. He likely will not even be allowed in the House restaurant. Do I detect a ‘slight’ realization of the harm their leader is doing, by some sitting members? Will miracles never cease? How positively refreshing.

Lian Walton

Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg of liberal MP’s metaphorically growing a set and using some common sense and seeing Trudeau and his policies as disastrous and frankly bordering on insanity – jump ship before it’s too late – you all will be painted with the same brush as he is – possibly some feathers as well .