Scheer Unveils Shadow Cabinet

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer has unveiled his full roster of Shadow Ministers.

In the wake of the leadership race, Scheer has the challenge of balancing regional and political roles, and rewarding those who supported him.

Here’s the full list, as shared by Scheer in a statement.

Conservative Shadow Ministers

Official Opposition House Leadership Team:

  • Hon. Lisa Raitt – Deputy Leader
  • Alain Rayes – Quebec Political Lieutenant
  • Hon. Hon. Candice Bergen, MP – House Leader
  • Mark Strahl, MP – Chief Opposition Whip
  • Chris Warkentin – Deputy House Leader
  • John Brassard – MP for Barrie-Innisfil -Deputy Opposition Whip.
  • Hon. Diane Finley – Caucus-Party Liaison.

Shadow Cabinet Ministers:

  • Ziad Aboultaif (formerly National Revenue) becomes Shadow Minister for International Development.
  • Dan Albas (formerly Deputy, Finance) becomes Shadow Minister for Small Business.
  • Dean Allison MP (formerly International Development) becomes Shadow Minister for International Trade.
  • John Barlow, MP Foothills (formerly Interprovincial Trade) becomes Shadow Minister (Associate) for Agriculture and Agri-Food.
  • Hon. Maxime Bernier becomes Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science, and Economic Development.
  • Luc Berthold (formerly Deputy for Transport and Rail Safety) becomes Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food.
  • James Bezan remains Shadow Minister for National Defence.
  • Hon. Steven Blaney becomes Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs.
  • Kelly Block MP remains Shadow Minister for Transport.
  • Hon. Michael Chong becomes Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Communities, and Urban Affairs.
  • Hon. Tony Clement (formerly Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness) becomes Shadow Minister for Public Services and Procurement.
  • Gérard Deltell (formerly Finance) becomes Shadow Minister for Treasury Board.
  • Todd Doherty, MP remains Shadow Minister for Fisheries, Oceans, and Canadian Coast Guard, adding the Asia-Pacific Gateway.
  • Hon. Ed Fast remains Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change.
  • Marilyn Gladu, MP (formerly Science) becomes Shadow Minister for Health.
  • Rachael Harder, MP (formerly Youth and Persons with Disabilities, and Deputy Health) becomes Shadow Minister for Status of Women.
  • Matt Jeneroux (formerly Western Economic Diversification) becomes Shadow Minister for Science.
  • Pat Kelly (formerly Deputy, Treasury Board) becomes Shadow Minister for National Revenue.
  • Hon. Peter Kent (formerly Foreign Affairs) becomes Shadow Minister for Ethics.
  • Cathy McLeod MP Kamloops Thompson Cariboo (formerly Indigenous Affairs) becomes Shadow Minister for Crown-Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Indigenous Services, and the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency.
  • Hon. Rob Moore remains Shadow Minister for Atlantic Issues and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.
  • Hon. Rob Nicholson remains Shadow Minister for Justice.
  • Alex Nuttall MP (formerly Economic Development for Southern Ontario, and Deputy for Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Sharing Economy) becomes Shadow Minister for Youth, Sport, and Persons with Disabilities.
  • Hon. Erin O’Toole becomes Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  • Pierre Paul-Hus (formerly Associate, National Defence) becomes Shadow Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.
  • Hon. Pierre Poilievre (formerly Work and Opportunity, and National Capital Commission) becomes Shadow Minister for Finance and National Capital Commission.
  • Alain Rayes (formerly Associate, Infrastructure, Communities, and Urban Affairs) becomes Shadow Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs.
  • Scott Reid, MP remains Shadow Minister for Democratic Institutions.
  • Hon. Michelle Rempel remains Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship.
  • Bob Saroya, MP (formerly Deputy for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship) becomes Shadow Minister (Associate) for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship.
  • Shannon Stubbs (formerly Deputy for Natural Resources) becomes Shadow Minister for Natural Resources.
  • Hon. Peter Van Loan remains Shadow Minister for Canadian Heritage and National Historic Sites.
  • Karen Vecchio, Member of Parliament remains Shadow Minister for Families, Children and Social Development.
  • Dianne Watts, MP (formerly Infrastructure, Communities, and Urban Affairs) becomes Shadow Minister for Employment, Workforce Development and Labour.
  • Hon. Alice Wong (formerly Small Business) becomes Shadow Minister for Seniors.

In the statement, Scheer said “The Conservative Shadow Ministers will be on the front lines, bringing forward the positive Conservative solutions to get Canada back on track. Ours is a movement that has room for every Canadian who believes in responsible government spending, strong borders, and a more affordable Canada for everyone.”

Notable moves

The most notable moves were giving the Finance Shadow Minister post to Poilievre, rather than Bernier – who was named Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science, and Economic Development. Despite the fact that Bernier publicly campaigned for the Finance post, he handled the move well.

Additionally, some were surprised that Kellie Leitch was left out of the front bench team. Leitch faced a lot of criticism for her “Canadian values test” proposal, however, polls showed an overwhelming majority of Canadians supported the idea.

At this point, it seems Conservative MP’s are rallying behind Scheer, which makes sense considering the importance of defeating Trudeau.

Of course, the real test of the party’s unity will come when things look bleakest, and when Scheer’s strategy is seen as failing (this happens to every leader at some point).

It is also essential that Bernier’s ideas form a key part of the Conservative Party platform. Considering he came incredibly close to winning, and energized a new base of supporters. His ideas remain essential to taking Canada back.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Jacques Deschenes

MR scheer please do everything to get elected Mr Justin is destroying my country I and my grandparents worked hard since 450 years to build.
Liberal party always tried to destroy French Canadian despite the fact that Canada has been built by Quebecers.
Thank’s Mr Scheer I pou all my faith on you


Oh no you don’t! Canada was built by CANADIANS. ALL Canadians. In fact Quebec has always been known as a ‘have not’ Province and so received far more than the lions share in Federal transfers. They also received more funds because of their incessant threat to secede the Country. (blackmail). Payed to stay. Quebec refused to develop it’s own massive resources which would mean earning their own money. But it’s easier to let others pay the way. Like welfare. Quebec has a chance right now, to help build Canada in one of Canada’s roughest moments in history. Quebec stands in… Read more »

Perry T.C

Anntwerp, I just read your comment and I must say Spot On! As a descendant of early European Alberta Pioneers and a former servicing member of the DND Thank You, your a true Canadian honest and true.


What about the NDP? Not even 2 years of voting out the Cons doing similar things as the Libs. and the Zombs want to vote them back in? Understandable Spencer to play the game, but don’t keep it a 2 party game because you are losing creibility…..


I don’t think Canada will survive, the election is so far away! I wish the opposition government would vote a non confidence motion!


A non-confidence motion would mean a vote by all parties. As Liberals have a majority, they would vote down ‘no confidence’. Waste of time.

jack grandville

First, and with all due respect, Brian, let’s work on getting the country back on track as a real country before we figure where the twin of the Liberals might or might not fit in. There are many in Canada who wholeheartedly support the NDP, but to suggest that this is a time to start attempting to view the NDP as a contender is simply unrealistic. I commented my years ago that in fact, we do not have a 3-party political system, rather a 2-party system with three names — and that has not changed. Having said that, I would… Read more »