Terrible: Car Owned By Leader Of Quebec City Mosque Torched In Possible Hate Crime

In what appears to be a hate crime, a car owned by Mohamed Labidi – the President of the same Quebec City Mosque that was horribly attacked on January 29th – was set on fire outside his home.

It happened last month, not long after Quebec City and the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec came to an agreement on the construction of a cemetery for Muslim residents.

According to the Globe & Mail, the car was set on fire on August 6th.

On January 29, 2017, an attacker murdered six people at the mosque. Alexandre Bissonnette is in custody and has been charged for the horrific crime.

The same mosque has been subject to other incidents of vandalism.

Leaders must condemn acts of hate against Canadian Muslim citizens

As I’ve said before, leaders must send a clear message that hate towards Canadians is totally unacceptable. All violent ideologies, whether it’s Antifa, radical Islamism, neo-Nazi’s, and other extremism must be condemned in clear terms.

No religion or idea should be free from criticism, and attempts to shut down free speech must be opposed. With that in mind, we must also protect the safety and freedom of all Canadian citizens.

After all, there is a huge difference between free speech and physical violence. The first must be protected at all costs. The second must be stopped at all costs.

It’s a total disgrace that people worshiping peacefully have been attacked, threatened, and vandalized. That’s not what Canada is about. No Canadian citizen of any faith should ever have to live in fear.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube