Liberal MPs Panicking As Anger Grows Over Trudeau’s Tax Attack On Canada’s Small Businesses

As Trudeau and Morneau continue to push a destructive tax policy that will damage countless Canadian small businesses, it seems some Liberal MPs are worried about being punished at the polls.

According to the Canadian Press, Finance Minister Bill Morneau held a one-hour conference call with members of the Liberal Caucus who are afraid of the consequences of Trudeau’s tax attack on Canada’s small businesses.

Additionally, there have reportedly been dozens of Liberal MPs calling Morneau anxious about the backlash.

Opposition to Trudeau’s tax attack is growing by the day.

As noted by the CP, “Some 35 organizations across the country representing doctors, lawyers, farmers, financial planners, homebuilders, shop owners and other incorporated small businesses came together Thursday to create the Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness — billed as “a unified voice to oppose” the proposed tax changes.”

Liberal MP’s are reportedly hearing from more and more people worried about the damage the tax changes will cause.

Trudeau attacks small businesses while doing the bidding of big corporations and banks

We know very well that Trudeau is doing the bidding of the global elite. His agenda has been great for big corporations, great for from companies in China connected to the Communist Party, and great for foreign banks. After all, he gave the banks control of $35 billion in taxpayer dollars through the Canada Infrastructure Fund.

However, Trudeau’s policies haven’t been great for Canadians.

That’s why Trudeau is trying to extract tax dollars out of Canada’s small businesses. He will never go after the truly big companies, instead he’s going after the small businesses that create the majority of jobs in our country.

It’s a total disgrace, it’s dangerous for our country, and it’s no wonder that Liberal MPs are so afraid of being associated with it.

The fact that they are panicking is a clear sign that the tax attack is a horrible policy, and all Canadians need to keep pushing back against it.

Perhaps some Liberal MPs will find their backbone and actually oppose Trudeau’s dangerous agenda.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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jack grandville

Spencer, you are a ‘light in a dark sky,’ but I must comment on your last comment above. “Perhaps some Liberal M.P.s will find their backbone………………” If I did not know the reality of the “Liberal M.P.s.” as I do, ( or at least as they have historically beeen) then that would certainly be something to look forward to. However, the reality is much different and having such ‘backbone’ is apparently not a possibility within the Party — the Party is ruled by many backroom wheelers and dealers, plus outside forces, which effectively prevents andy such happening. Keep up the… Read more »


I agree with you, Jack! Spencer is doing a Great Job!

Helen Warn

“Liberal MP’s”???

Please fix the grammar! I love your columns, but I despair watching the deterioration of basic spelling and grammar.


As I mentioned in a previous post, small businesses provide 70% of the jobs in Canada. Only 10% of the jobs are with large corporations and that includes the banks. Why go after the small businesses when they are going to be hurt so much when the large corporations have the dough. I am so glad that MPs are finally worried about Trudeau & company agenda. It this tax goes through, it will be devastating and will destroy many jobs. Some small business owners will just retire early.


Another liberal attack on Canadians.


These lowlifes don’t need to worry about panicking, but would be well advised to start worrying about packing. Even with their brain washed followers, there are enough sensible people to send these people straight to where they belong, the history dump of bad choices. This is undoubtedly the worst government I have experienced in my life, including the disastrous rule of his father!



Sandra Clark

Kenster: I went to the site you posted…good read. Junior Trudeau is even worse than Senior Trudeau. I truly hope that the Canadian Voters “WAKE UP” and vote Junior “OUT”, at election time. Justin is taking up where his Father left off and has gone on a frenzy, even outdoing his Daddy. Jr. Trudeau is just as arrogant as his Father. Maybe worse.


I cannot recommend anyone start a small business in Canada. Due to bad accounting advice from a so called professional I ran afoul of RevCan (now called ‘CRA”). After five years and a couple of new accountants my re-filings were accepted. Then “penalties and interest” (never forgiven, even if proven they should never have been charged in the first place) ruined me. They took my home. My advice? don’t play their game. It’s a mugs game for losers. You think you are playing by the rules but they pull rules out of their butt to make sure you lose.

jack grandville

Those are the tactics employed by the mods of the 20’s and 30’s — as well as through0ut history by bandits of all types and certainly reflects the attitudes of governments, again throughout history, and continues today.

Bruce Miller

He sure as Hell burned the platform planks that got him into power his first time around. My Question: Will the Canadian Voters elect him as a right wing conservative this time around?


Seems to me the CRA is turning into the evil IRS. Not a fair game, don’t play!

Plato's Student

Let’s not forget the Bombardier love-affair fiasco… how much more obvious can this sinister agenda get?


With hydro cost an a tax hike there is No way my small business can continue to operate the raise of the minimon wage has already prove a hardship of which I prefer to pay staff than hydro an higher taxes but Trudeau is destroying small businesses,their will be no way we can maintain our property with all this added cost,it is easier to walk away.