Omar Khadr Bail Conditions Hearing Postponed Until September

The hearing loosening Khadr’s bail conditions, including giving him access to his sister who espoused pro-Al-Qaeda views, has been rescheduled for September 15th.

Omar Khadr’s attempt to weaken his bail conditions will be decided on September 15th, after the hearing scheduled for today was postponed.

Justice Department lawyers reportedly want more time to consult with the federal government.

As I recently reported, Khadr is requesting that an Edmonton Court loosen his bail conditions in the following ways:

  • Unlimited internet access.
  • The ability to travel across Canada without asking permission.
  • No longer having to check-in with a supervisor about his travel plans.
  • Unrestricted access to his sister Zaynab Khadr – who has expressed pro-Al-Qaeda views.

Many Canadians have expressed concern about Khadr’s demands, particularly him having unrestricted access to his sister.

Zaynab Khadr has expressed support for Al-Qaeda, and Khadr has not denounced her views. As noted by the CP, “Zaynab Khadr, who was born in Ottawa, was at one point unable to get a Canadian passport after frequently reporting hers lost. She was also subject to an RCMP investigation in 2005 but faced no charges. Her third husband, Canadian Joshua Boyle, is reportedly still a Taliban hostage along with his American wife and children in Afghanistan. 

Rescheduled hearing

The hearing is now rescheduled for September 15th. Canadians will be watching it closely, as 64% of poll respondents believe Khadr “remains a potential radicalized threat.”

While the Trudeau government has seemingly caved into Khadr’s demands so far, Canadians are hoping that common-sense will prevail and the court will reject any loosening of the conditions.

Spencer Fernando


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