REPORT: Government Workers Take 65% More Sick Days Compared To Workers In Private Sector

This is a big reason why so many resent paying taxes for the ever-expanding bureaucracy.

As we know, money spent by the government is almost always spent far less efficiently compared to taxpayers spending it ourselves.

This is seen especially in the bureaucracy. While there are many great workers in the government, the overall level of spending per worker is rarely as efficient as the private sector.

Now, a report from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation reveals that government employees take 65% more sick days compared to workers in the private sector.

According to the report, in 2016, the average worker in the private sector took 6.8 sick days. The average public sector employee took 11.2 sick days.

CTF Director Aaron Wudrick says, “Curiously, there is a clear trend of significantly higher sick days among government employees compared to their private sector counterparts. Even worse, it appears that in most provinces, government employees are getting sicker every year.”

The numbers are quite high in Quebec, with the average government sector worker taking two weeks of sick days (14.4 days), while the average private sector worker in Quebec took 9.1 days.

This is why people resent paying taxes

Most of us are fine paying taxes when it goes to the basics of government – infrastructure, defence, firefighters, education, police, healthcare.

But when those services are provided, we expect spending to actually go into providing those services, not on inflated benefits or big salaries.

Governments of all levels must be accountable to the taxpayers, and they must bring salaries and sick days in line with the private sector. It is simply unacceptable for Canadian taxpayers to pay more than necessary just so the bureaucracy can get more wealthy at our expense.

Read the full report here

Spencer Fernando


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