WATCH: Trudeau’s Pathetic Non-Answer On Why He Hasn’t Suspended MP Darshan Kang

Rarely have so many words been used to say nothing.

Recently, Justin Trudeau was asked why he hasn’t suspended MP Darshan Kang (who is facing harassment allegations), from the Liberal Caucus.

Of course, in keeping with the principles of justice, Darshan Kang is innocent until proven guilty. With that said, in two other similar cases, Trudeau immediately kicked the members out of the Liberal Caucus – before any investigation was concluded.

Not this time.

Kang has not been kicked out, and the NDP are calling Trudeau a fake feminist for his inaction.

When a reporter asked Trudeau why things are different this time, rather than actually answering the question, Trudeau spoke for over a minute without actually saying anything of substance whatsoever. Watch it below:

(If you have trouble opening the video, click here)

Pathetic non-answer from Trudeau

Imagine if it was another party dealing with this situation. Trudeau would be calling that party sexist and evil and would demand immediate punishment. Yet, when it’s his party, we get nothing but a jumble of worthless words.

While many politician stick to talking points, few manage to speak as often as Justin Trudeau without actually saying anything of value.

Canadians deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Is ANYONE Surprised?? When has he ever Answered a question with ACTUALLY SAYING SOMETHING???

don morris

I didn’t even have to watch the video,but I did, to know what Trudeau was going to do: deflect, as he’s done with every question he’s been asked since he ran for MP in Montreal. Trudeau’s handler,Gerald Butts,is no fool,he knows what he has to work with and he has trained his handsome monkey to do just what he does. Trudeau is so blatant in his deflection that only the lovestruck Canadian media would let him get away with it. Watch the s.o.b. every single time he’s asked a question,he pulls the same stunt. Thomas Mulcair,to his credit,called him on… Read more »


I agree with you, when the media is in the pockets of a corrupt dictator , it is a disgrace to Canada, no wonder most people don’t believe a thing the media says because they are as corrupt as the dictator they are working for!

Who are the haters

If he, she or they, whatever the hell I am supposed to call the moron who was speaking in the video said something I would be surprised. What a shame we are stuck with he, she or they.


The opposition knows what kind of person PM Trudeau is, and they do nothing about his corruption, they are letting Trudeau ruin our country and democracy! Why can’t they vote a non confidence motion or some legal way to remove him from office. Trudeau is unfit to be the Leader of Canada! He is a embarrassment to Canada!

Brian Richard Allen

…. Trudeau is unfit to be Canadian – let alone to pretend to its prime-minister-ship. “He” is an embarrassment to Mankind ….

I began saying that in 1968.


Thanks for posting


What is better using sensles sentenses or obviously lie.He is unable to communicating in a normal way.