POLL: Majority Of Canadians Oppose Trudeau’s Handling Of Illegal Border Crossings

A new poll by Angus-Reid finds that a clear majority of Canadians disapprove of how Justin Trudeau has handled the border, and want a focus on monitoring and security.

Here are some key numbers from the poll:

  • 53% of Canadians say the Trudeau government has been “too generous” towards illegal border crossers.
  • 34% say the government has been the right level of generous.
  • Just 6% say the government hasn’t been generous enough.
  • 54% of Canadians say Trudeau’s messaging on the border has been “unclear.”
  • 57% disapprove of how Trudeau has handled the whole illegal border crossing situation.

Trudeau totally out-of-touch with Canadians

The poll results show how Trudeau is totally disconnected from the views of the Canadian people. It also shows how much the corporate media has been presenting a skewed image of public opinion.

In much of the media, the issue is presented as if only a tiny minority opposes Trudeau’s failed border policy, and those who support it get way more coverage.

And yet, this poll shows that those who support Trudeau’s border policy are clearly in the minority, with many more Canadians strongly opposing it.

Canadians say monitoring and securing the border takes precedence over providing assistance to illegal border crossers

Another interesting part of the poll asks Canadians what the top priorities should be at the border. When asked about getting illegal border crossers safely into Canada and providing medical and housing assistance, 53% said it should not be a priority, or should be a lower priority. 47% said it is an important or major priority.

However, when asked about assigning police, immigration officers, and drones to secure and monitor the border, a full 82% of Canadians said it should be an important or major priority, with just 18% saying it’s not a priority or is a lower priority.

Then, when Canadians were asked how they would focus resources if they were in charge of Canada’s border policy, this is what they said:

  • Focus exclusively on border monitoring and border security – 22%
  • Focus mostly on border monitoring and security – 48%
  • Focus mostly on assisting illegal border crossers – 26%
  • Focus exclusively on assisting illegal border crossers – 3%

When the numbers are combined, a full 70% would prioritize monitoring and securing the border, while just 29% would prioritize assisting illegal border crossers.

Conservatives should keep being tough on the border

This poll demonstrates, beyond on any doubt, that Canadians want a tough and common-sense border policy. That’s why the Conservatives need to keep pushing back against Justin Trudeau’s failed border policy and disrespect for Canada’s laws. The elitist corporate media will try to demonize those who speak up in defence of Canada’s laws, but it’s clear that many Canadians are seeing through the deception.

Read the full poll here

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Justin said that ‘it was the Canadian people who made him bring in the illegals into Canada. Justin is making it VERY clear that it Not his fault but ours for HIS influx of illegals.


Can you imagine running from USA when people around the world are fighting to enter there including Canadian people from Justin madness and attack on small businesses and Canada? I can.

Jack Grandville

Those figures, assuming their accuracy, prove beyond question that ‘our leader’ has no concept whatever of the reality of the potential problems he is opening up for the citizens of this country and, before those problems manifest, it would be wise to take steps to offset any that do arise — and say this recognizing the other reality — he simply has no understanding of reality.