Trudeau Calls Himself A Feminist While Refusing To Say Whether Kang Was Forced Out

Darshan Kang recently resigned from the federal Liberal Caucus, yet Trudeau refuses to tell Canadians whether he asked Kang to leave, or whether Kang quit of his own accord.

Kang is facing numerous harassment allegations, yet Justin Trudeau is refusing to be transparent with Canadians as to whether Kang was forced out, or whether Kang left on his own.

While the outcome may be the same, Trudeau had faced criticism for his empty and meaningless words on why Kang wasn’t kicked out sooner – as Trudeau had kicked out MPs facing accusations of a similar nature.

Given another chance to explain, Trudeau didn’t do any better:

“The whip’s office in my party has been engaged in this process and we are allowing this process to unfold as it must. I won’t have anymore comments to make on this specifically other than to say that I respect Mr. Kang’s decision to step away from the Liberal caucus while this process is being undergone,” said Trudeau.

Then, Trudeau tried to use his propaganda image as a “feminist” as political cover.

“As a feminist, I am pleased that there is a process in place and I am allowing that process to unfold as it must.”

Trudeau gets a pass

Already in Trudeau’s short time in office, his “feminist” party has had more harassment scandals then the Conservatives had in their whole time in power. And yet, Trudeau is still able to hide behind the “feminist” image and much of the media falls for it hook, line, and sinker.

Imagine if Trudeau was held to the same standards as the Conservatives. The outrage would be massive. Trudeau and his party would be massively condemned over and over again for their lack of transparency. Trudeau would be called out for his total hypocrisy in claiming to be a feminist while planning to remove condemnation of female genital mutilation and honour killings from the citizenship guide, and his approval of weapon sales to Saudi Arabia despite campaigning against it.

The fact that he gets a pass on his hypocrisy is another reason why it’s essential to bypass much of the corporate media filter, and share the truth about Trudeau’s disgraceful hypocrisy directly with Canadians.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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