Trudeau Government May Punish Canadian Hero Who Revealed Khadr Payment

What happened to being the “most transparent” government ever?

One thing that’s often left out during discussion of the disgraceful $10.5 million payment to Omar Khadr made by the Trudeau government, is the fact that the government tried to keep it hidden.

If Trudeau had his way, Canadians never would have heard about it.

It’s a disgusting attitude – especially from a government that promised to be the most transparent ever.

In their contempt for Canadians, the Trudeau government doesn’t think we deserve to know that millions of our taxpayer dollars are going towards Omar Khadr.

Thankfully, a Canadian hero made sure the information got to the public, giving Canadians a chance to know the truth.

Now however, it’s been revealed that the Trudeau government Privy Council Office is investigating to try and find who shared the truth with Canadians.

As noted by Global, “PCO spokesperson Shane Diaczuk confirmed that his office “is following up to determine the facts surrounding this release of information and will be taking appropriate measures.”

That could mean the Canadian patriot who revealed info of the Khadr payment could actually be punished for doing the right thing.

This is the total opposite of transparency. It shows how much Trudeau was lying during the campaign when he promised a transparent government.

Now, those who reveal the truth are being punished. It’s a disgrace.

Whoever released that info to Canadians is a hero, and should be rewarded, not punished. 

Instead of punishing people who stand up for Canadians, the Trudeau government should stop hiding the truth, and should start living up to their own rhetoric on openness and transparency.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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this cannot happen… even the libs can’t be that gross.

jack grandville

Wanna bet?

Heather Coolen

Yes. Yes they are…


Think again ……….. remember the witch hunt when they were exposed to be on the brink of cancelling the MV Asterix, the Resolve Class AOR supply ship being built by Davie Shipbuilding in response to Irving whining to the PMO? The RCN’s highest ranking officer has had his career put in limbo (well let’s be realistic, it’s now over) because he dared look out for the best interests of the RCN rather that those of the Liberal party of Canada ……………………… and if there’s one thing the lying libs can’t countenance it’s their machiavellian scheming being exposed. Ironically enough it… Read more »


Is Trudeau trying to build a dictatorial government for himself? He is going to have to come out right in the open and say that he intended to hide it from Canadians or that there is no investigation on a government employee for divulging the Khadr payment. Nothing else will satisfy Canadians. The government should keep private anything related to national security. This one certainly does not belong to that category.


The dictatorship is already built and at full force. We became the slaves of incompetent self-proclaimed idiot who won with fixed skinny 39 persent and who only cares about his image on the world stage

I have commented many times, where is the opposition???? Why are the acts Trudeau and his Administration not shut down, his documents seized. And accountability demanded. The last straw should have been, not replacing the Immagration adjudicators, that were in place Prior to Trudeau? Why were they let go? Something stinks here. Either these reports are factual or they are not. If factual there is enough to impeach, or at least warrant an Investigation. With the Terrorist actions World wide, how is it that none of our Provincial Leaders, and the Opposition not uniting, before we are forced to live… Read more »


The Liberals have a majority of seats in the HoC. In order to impeach Trudeau, or any of his ministers for that matter, a majority of votes is required in the HoC …………. fat chance of that happening. All the opposition can do is raise the matter in the house, which by the way isn’t even sitting right now (ergo the timing on the Khadr payout) leaving only the court of public opinion via the media so with the continued fawning over the Dauphin in the media be realistic, they’re doing what they can with the bulk of the “tools”… Read more »


Canada doesn’t have impeachment.


What … Trudeau lying … ???
Please say that aint so …how could that ever be???
Oh, wait … yes, I see now … his lips were moving …


He is a LIAR in the 1st degree!

jack grandville

What is that other old saying? Oh, yes: “The proof is in the pudding.” With this report, it would appear that either way this goes, Trudeau will be unmasked for what he really is. IF there was nothing to hide, any further action on the part of the government is totally unnecessary. On the other hand, if the government pursues this, as it appears, that can ONLY be because they lied in the first place. Interesting — eh?

Marlene Stobbart

The world as we once knew – is no more. Trudeau answers to his masters – which is not you or I. Former PM Harper refused to bow down and thus they ensured he and his government were no more. For that, you could possibly thank Obama and his minions and possibly an enemy in Harpers camp this last election. Certainly we heard and saw enough ads about Justin and his hair which were supposedly demeaning but frankly the opposite held true. Money talks – big money really buys ones soul. Some times.

Eunice bailey miller

This country is finished, we are now living under a dictator


Because WHATIS is that the mainstream media does not report it, or only what they feel we should see. That is one of the biggest problems, if not the biggest problem facing the right, the left controls the media.





mark orr

Isn’t this a little like watergate?


Hopefully all this adulation that Trudeau gets when people are swarming around to get selfies is only superficial and when voting time comes around, clearer heads will prevail and this incompetent leader will be dumped and reason and good logic will once again will be the hallmark of the Canadian government.


How can we be sure that last election was not fixed and the same will happen in 2 years? Besides, people are sheep, the believe anything they want to believe… And with almost fully controlled media…

Sandra Clark

The Canadians who voted for Trudeau, “believed” his election promises. One of those promises was to be an open and transparent Government if he was elected. So far, Trudeau has reneged on almost all of his promises. He is now exposing his true nature and agenda for Canadians and our Country and showing us the man he truly is. He is tearing Canada apart, piece by piece. He is oppressing Canadians. He wants Canadians to keep their mouths shut, not voice an opinion, not call him out on his atrocities, his hypocrisy, his double standards or his blatant lies. The… Read more »

Petronella ( Nel ) Peach

How come the Liberals in my part of Canada, I view as educated locals , still keep on supporting this PM ?…I wish I had the answer and….. talk about their” Liberal star of 2015″ to replace my present MP in 2019

Trudy Duval

ObviouslyTrudeaus lies of transparency is just the tip of the iceberg. How many other LIES are covering millions of our tax money being thrown away. That should be investigated!


You beat me to to the punch, and the vulgar language is missing so yours may be better, mine more colorful


This is Trudeau’s government: You toe the government line or you will be purged if you deviate from it.


charge trudope and his whole fn caucus with conspiracy and treason – plain and simple –

Tieme Bergman

It is our money and we have every right to know where it’s going.

chris malmstrom

As the saying goes, “A Conservative gets angry if lied to … a Liberal gets angry when told the truth”. That’s why they’re on a witch hunt to find that TRUE Canadian that let out their dirty little secret!


Keep up the great job Spencer.. you are the only one that can give us true information..


Most transparent gov ever my ass. biggest dirt-bag since Pierre Elliot Trudeau is more like it.


Liberals have to cross the floor & say enough! That’s about the only way to be rid of him sooner than next election. He knows this & has hired mindless puppet minions that have no train of thought of their own & won’t go against the grain or rock the boat. pathetic.

Grant Mitton

Absolutely spot on Corey. Whenever Selfie Boys picture is released while standing in Parliament, look at the blank faces of the sycophants who support our idiot Prime Minister,…Sad.

Griffin Walker

What else is Trudeau hiding ??

Marlene Schaefer

oh but they are, gross in extreme, a liar and sidhonest

J Nidz

Why can’t our highest court arrest Trudeau and charge him


I am ashamed to say i am Canadian and that is all because of him. He is a disgrace to us all and should be ashamed of himself and what he is doing to Canada. Makes me wonder how much more of our tax dollars have been given away without any of us knowing.