ARROGANCE: Trudeau Ignoring Canadians Concerned About His Attack On Small Businesses

Trudeau arrogantly dismisses growing backlash against his attack on middle-class small business owners.

Justin Trudeau continues to arrogantly ignore the growing number of Canadians opposed to his tax attack on small businesses.

Instead of listening to those concerns – which are coming from a coalition of “Some 35 organizations across the country representing doctors, lawyers, farmers, financial planners, homebuilders, shop owners and other incorporated small businesses,” Trudeau is hiding behind lies about the same middle class he’s now attacking.

Here’s what Trudeau said when asked about the growing backlash:

“We’re doing more for the people who need it and doing less for the people who don’t. I’m hearing feedback from Canadians that want to make sure that this does help the middle class…. I’m happy to have discussions and feedback from interested Canadians who want to make our tax code fairer and we’re going to take all of those reflections into account.”

Trudeau added that he “will make no apologies” for the changes.

And yet, he keeps ignoring those concerns, showing he couldn’t give a crap about any real feedback.

Liberal MPs panicking

Ironically, even as Trudeau ignores the concerns of Canadians, members of his own party are panicking. Liberal MPs are reportedly hearing intense criticism from their constituents, and some are asking Finance Minister Bill Morneau to make changes.

At this point, it seems Trudeau is arrogantly ignoring everybody, even members of his own party. Since he had a political party handed to him and got ahead in large part based on his name, it’s no surprise that Trudeau is acting in such an arrogant manner.

Despite all his promises of a “different kind of politics,” Trudeau has taken arrogance and centralization to a new level. His attack on Canadian small businesses, while doing the bidding of the global elites, is yet another example that our so-called “leader” doesn’t truly serve Canadians, and doesn’t care a bit for the middle class.


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Justine, you are absolutely pathetic and an embarrassment to Canadians. Please, no more lies. You and your backbenchers should be very worried. Am still hoping your “bobble heads ” will come to their senses soon and cross the floor.. they will gain a lot more respect from myself and most Canadians..


He does not care at all!


This just shows that Trudeau is growing more and more power-hungry. I wonder when we will hear him declare himself “dear leader” and “suspend” parliament and the charter.

If this doesn’t wake left-leaning Canadians up, then what I said above surely will.


Well, he promised a different kind of politics … and yes, after Harper this sadly is indeed a very different kind of politics … we haven’t seen this kind of arrogance since his old man was at the helm. How very sad for Canada …

Don Suddaby

It seems to me Justin tredeau is acting like Fidel Castro with these taxes on small business, take everything away from the people and get the crown to control everything. We could be a very poor country if we don’t rebel, it happened in Cuba and it will happen here if we don’t get it stopped soon.

Bruce McCrady

What do you expect from a no knowledge, no intelligence, useless waste of flesh who only cares about what HE can gain, how much HE can make monetarily and to hell with anyone else!!

alan skelhorne

so sorry to say, that canada is not very agressive when it comes to politicians, take a look in ontario with mr. wynne. there is no difference between the two of them, one other thing, if you really belive that hurricane harvey, has anything to do gas gouching. really, wake up canada.


All tax grabs from trudeau and company!

Who are the haters

Justine loves the OIC and Soros.

Jack Grandville

This, again, is another example of the fact that ‘our leader’ does not live in the real world, never has and never will. That fact, alone, leaves our country open to abuse from any number of outside forces, none of which with, or can, benefit Canada. That is not the sign of a decent leader — for anything.

Peter morris

Isn’t this how the crisis the crisis in Venezuela got it’s start?


A bit rich to have millionaires Morneau and Trudeau (tax-dodgers in their own right) self-righteously crusading as saviours of the middle-class.

My prediction is that this will come back to bite them hard during the next election. I’m looking forward to a CPC who campaigns on tax cuts for *all* Canadians.