On The Border, The Conservatives Have Public Opinion On Their Side

Despite what the elitist establishment want us to think, Canadians want our border to be respected and our laws to be followed.

Canada’s political and media establishment exerts massive control over our society, and that control is mostly based upon setting the terms of acceptable and unacceptable debate.

A small media and corporate elite – with views far to the left of most Canadians – tend to define the framework through which issues are discussed, which skews the entire debate throughout the country.

We can see this clearly in the debate over the ongoing surge of illegal border crossers.

Watching and reading much of the establishment media, you would get the impression that Justin Trudeau’s border policies are widely supported, and only a tiny minority of right-wing extremists want the border secured.

Of course, the exact opposite is true.

As I reported yesterday, a new poll by Angus-Reid shows a clear majority of Canadians are opposed to Trudeau’s policy on illegal border crossers.

As the poll showed, “when asked about assigning police, immigration officers, and drones to secure and monitor the border, a full 82% of Canadians said it should be an important or major priority, with just 18% saying it’s not a priority or is a lower priority.”

Here are a few other key numbers:

  • 53% of Canadians say the Trudeau government has been “too generous” towards illegal border crossers.
  • 34% say the government has been the right level of generous.
  • Just 6% say the government hasn’t been generous enough.
  • 54% of Canadians say Trudeau’s messaging on the border has been “unclear.”
  • 57% disapprove of how Trudeau has handled the whole illegal border crossing situation.

Also, when asked how they would handle the border, a full 70% would prioritize monitoring and securing the border, while just 29% would prioritize assisting illegal border crossers.

Canadians agree with the Conservative position on the border

The numbers above make it clear: The Canadian people agree with the Conservative approach on the border, and oppose Trudeau’s position.

Canadians want our border and our laws to be respected, and right now the Conservatives are the only party advocating for that position.

We can expect that the elites will try to push back against the views of Canadians, and will double down on their efforts to demonize those who oppose the Trudeau government’s failed border policies. That’s why the Conservatives, and all Canadians who respect our laws and our border, must be willing to stand up for what Canadians really believe, regardless of any elitist propaganda.


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Who is doing the Polling and who are they Polling to come up with “53% of Canadians think that
Traitor Trudeau is being too generous with the Illegals Crossing our Borders”. Everyone that I and my family and friends who have discussed this issue with, have been Totally OUTRAGED! It has been 100% AGAINST what this Joke of a PM is doing with our Borders! He is a DICTATOR – Canadians WANT our borders CLOSED to All ILLEGALS!


Amen to that — anyone I talk to also want our laws respected and our borders to be closed to walk-ins — Fiddle Diddle has somehow become a dictator and is operating our country like a low-class barber shop … and the taxpayers are the ones paying for the whole “do” …


Very well said. You are right on.
We want the border closed for at least 4-5 yrs, to try and untangle this stupid mess that
the Lieberals made .


we know that comments like ” border closed while we try to untangle the mess ” are much much too logical for any liberal voter or politician to understand yet abide by …they are a bunch of insane idealists that think that by talking , preaching and idolizing peace, fairness and RESPONSIBLILITY is enough to bring them about …la la land ….our country is run by a bunch of less than qualified managers and philosophers …sanity must take control

Rosemary Madden

Trudeau’s behaviour is certainly not surprising, after all the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and he is picking up where is father left off. We have a Prime Minister with no experience who can’t put two sentences together without stuttering and stammering. Trudeau has many traits of being a Narcissist, he is full of self importance , he exaggerates his achievements and talents and expects to be recognized without having actually achieved anything. He requires admiration as can be confirmed by the constant Selfie addiction, he is also arrogant, which he definitely inherited from his father, he believes… Read more »


You know Trudeau is doing a BAD job when A lifelong Liberal supporter tells you that he is enraged with his OPEN DOOR POLICIES!!!