REPORT: North Korea Says They’ve Developed Advanced Hydrogen Bomb

Advanced weapon has “great destructive power” says North Korea regime.

According to the KCNA – their official “news agency” – the regime has developed a more advanced nuclear weapon with “great destructive” power.

Disturbingly, the regime is claiming Kim Jong Un inspected the weapon – which they say can be put on an ICBM.

This news comes as North Korea recently shocked the “experts” by achieving missile and warhead miniaturization advances far in advance of what people think.

As noted by Reuters, “The hydrogen bomb’s power is adjustable to hundreds of kilotons and can be detonated at high altitudes, with its indigenously produced components allowing the country to build as many nuclear weapons as it wants, KCNA news agency said.”

A concerning development

If this development is true – and that’s always doubtful considering we’re talking about North Korea propaganda here – it would be a serious concern.

Despite all the sanctions and tough talk over the last two decades, North Korea has made continued progress towards a more advanced nuclear weapons program and more advanced weapon delivery abilities.

If they have truly developed an advanced hydrogen bomb, it would be the latest evidence that North Korea continues to outmaneuver the combined military, economic, and diplomatic might of the United States, and much of the United Nations. At one point, that would just be embarrassing. Now, it’s become dangerous.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter