BORDER CRISIS: 250,000 More People May Try Crossing Illegally Into Canada

With the Trudeau government refusing to fix the border crisis, it may soon get much worse, as hundreds of thousands of people from El Salvador and Honduras may attempt to enter Canada illegally.

While many thousands of people have already crossed into Canada illegally from the United States, that may just be the beginning.

Here’s why:

About 250,000 people from El Salvador and Honduras are in the United States under temporary protected status. This is the same designation that was given to people from Haiti who came to the United States after the earthquake that damaged Haiti. When their protected status expired on schedule, many fled into Canada after Justin Trudeau sent the dangerous and false message that “everyone is welcome” in Canada.

Ironically, the Trudeau government revoked the similar protected status of many Haitians in Canada – months before the United States did the same. Of course, you rarely hear about that.

The next wave

Currently, 195,000 people from El Salvador, 60,000 people from Honduras, and 2,500 from Nicaragua have their protected status likely to expire by March and January of 2018.

It is likely that many – if not a majority of those individuals – will attempt to enter Canada illegally if the message from Trudeau does not change.

Consider this: Anyone watching what’s happening in Canada will see that illegal border crossers are getting welfare checks, housing, and work permits. Based on that information, it is logical (from the perspective of people crossing) for them to try and enter Canada illegally.

Despite Trudeau’s dishonest rhetoric, there is clearly a huge benefit to entering Canada illegally, because those who are following the proper process are still waiting, and aren’t getting any of the benefits of those who broke the law.

So, as long as Trudeau keeps disgracefully disrespecting our border and our Canadian laws, we can expect a much bigger influx of people crossing illegally, which will bring a huge strain on resources and potentially cost billions – if not tens of billions – of taxpayer dollars in the months and years to come.

Welcome people legally

Canada can’t help everybody. Our government must look after our own people first. While there are still homeless Canadians and Canadians suffering in poverty, it is simply wrong to be diverting resources to those who came into Canada illegally.

With that in mind, there are situations where Canada can save lives by welcoming people into the country. When it is a clear choice between life and death, and when people have applied through the legal process or have been legally welcomed by our country, we should offer help on a limited basis.

But that’s not what’s happening currently. People coming from the United States are not refugees. And it’s wrong that they have skipped in line while many people are waiting desperately to enter Canada through the legal process.

The Trudeau government insults and disrespects Canadians, and those seeking to enter our country the right way, and are instead rewarding those who break our laws.

Unfortunately, it appears the actions of Trudeau could lead to a much bigger surge of illegal border crossings, and Canadian taxpayers will pay a serious price.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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