The Trudeau Government Is Acting Against Canada’s Values

Canada has built a strong nation by respecting the rule of law and rewarding those who show respect for our nation. Justin Trudeau and his government are putting all of that at risk.

The continued existence of any nation relies upon a (mostly unspoken) agreement between citizens. A big part of that agreement is respect for the laws, and encouraging those who want to join the Canadian family to respect those laws as well.

While we may disagree in some instances on what the laws should be, the vast majority of Canadians still follow most laws – even those they think should be changed or removed.

Respect for the rule of law has long been strong in Canada, and it’s a key factor of what makes our nation a great place. It’s clear that it has become a strong Canadian value.

Unfortunately, the actions of Justin Trudeau are undermining that Canadian value in dangerous ways.

Trudeau puts virtue-signalling above respect for Canada

Ironically, as the Trudeau government undermines Canadian values, they are trying to claim the opposite. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna recently tweeted, “And so done with ridiculous language from #CPC like ‘virtue signalling. We will continue to stand up for Canadian values at home & abroad.”

McKenna was referring to Conservative criticism of the Trudeau Government’s NAFTA politically-correct NAFTA demands, which even Canadian experts have said are all about politics rather than a true negotiating position.

Of course, we know very well that the Trudeau Liberals are the farthest thing from defenders of Canadian values. In fact, they put the interests of other countries and the global elite above the interests of Canadians.

And now, their actions on the border are acting contrary to Canadian values.

Encouraging disrespect for Canada

History has clearly shown that when you encourage a behaviour you get mroe of it, and when you discourage a behaviour you get less of it.

So, Canada’s government should be encouraging the respect for the rule of law that matters to Canadians. Those who seek to become a part of Canada in the lawful and respectful way should be rewarded. And those who break the law and enter Canada illegally should not benefit from doing so.

And yet, the Trudeau government is doing exactly the opposite. Their policies benefit those who break the rules, and punish those who follow the law.

As a result, we will get more people showing disrespect for Canada’s laws, and fewer people who do the right thing.

This is something that can ripple throughout our entire society, and have long-term negative consequences for our nation.

It’s yet another reason why Justin Trudeau – despite the misleading image he seeks to create – must be defeated and replaced by leaders who have Canada’s best interests at heart, and show respect for Canada’s values.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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jack grandville

It is with regret that I must agree in full with your comments, sir — and that is the reason that quite often my comments on the social media are less than respectful toward our government, the Liberal Party and, most of all, our ‘leader’ — I cannot with honesty refer to him as our ‘Prime Minster.’


Nor can I.
PM in name only. He deserves no respect as he gives no respect to those who deserve respect.


nor can I , arrogance and defiance do NOT draw respect and confidence


He is not good for Canada. I believe what you say to be true. I would also add that he is a traitor to our values, beliefs etc… he is NOT fit to be Prime Minister. I will NEVER EVER EVER vote liberal. As far as I am concerned, everything that comes out of a liberal mouth is a LIE.


and senseless…..


Trudeau 2.0 is without a doubt is a far worse leader than the disastrous Pierre Elliott Trudeau. It is so painfully obvious that 2.0 is woefully lacking in the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to successfully lead a nation. It took Canadians over 30+ years to dig out from under PET, it’s hard to imagine how many years it will take to recover from 2.0, if it’s even possible. the West would be wise to cut its losses, and hold referendums to leave this disasterous union as soon as possible.

Evelyn Oliphant

I agree that the west should separate.


What Canadian values Trudeau? You don’t believe in Canadian values.