Expert Says Trudeau Government Messaging On Tax Changes Is “False & Misleading”

Tax changes will have “devastating” impact on many Canadians.

Kim Moody – the Director of Canadian Tax Advisory at Moody’s Gartner Tax Law – is speaking out against Justin Trudeau’s tax attack on Canadian small businesses.

In an interview with BNN, Moody points out that the tax rules are “very pervasive,” and will impact almost all small business owners, not just a small amount of people as the Trudeau government is falsely claiming.

Moody didn’t hold back, telling BNN that the rhetoric of the Trudeau government is “false and misleading.”

He points out that many people accepted the initial messaging of the Trudeau government that the changes were just about “closing tax loopholes,” which proved not to be true.

Additionally, Moody is worried that money will flee from Canada, as the U.S. cuts business taxes while Canada makes things worse for small businesses.

Click here for Moody’s full interview with BNN, because it is worth watching.

Spencer Fernando