LET THEM EAT CAKE: Liberal MP Compares Canadian Small Businesses To Marie Antoinette


With the Trudeau government already facing escalating anger over their tax attack on Canadian small businesses, a comment from Liberal MP Robert Falcon Ouellette might make things even worse.

Ouellette’s comment was first brought to wider attention by writer & commentator J.J. McCullough on Twitter:

Here’s the text of Ouellette’s comment:

Winnipeg MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette said while the regulations may require some tweaking, he is on board “100 per cent” with his government’s plan.

“You can’t have people sitting behind in their gated communities and saying, ‘Well, you know, Let them eat cake.’ “

A pattern of arrogance from the Trudeau government

I’m generally a fan of Ouellette, who has been more willing than most to push legislation that he believes in, rather than just follow the party line. He certainly shouldn’t be defined by one comment.

But on this one, there’s no mistaking the fact that his comment is badly out-of-touch.

With his “Let them eat cake” reference, Ouellette is comparing Canadian small business owners to Marie Antoinette – a historically arrogant Queen of France and one of histories most notorious royal figures, who lived in the lap of luxury while the people starved.

That is an absurd comparison.

If Ouellette and Trudeau MPs really think Canadian small business owners are living like royalty in gated communities, it shows how out of touch the Trudeau government has become.

Ironically, as I’ve pointed out, while Trudeau goes after small businesses, the big banks are making record profits. The true aristocracy of our time – the corporate, banking, and government elite – are untouched by any tax increases, while Trudeau targets hard-working Canadian small business people.

If any organization resembles a decadent and out-of-touch regime, it’s the federal government. It’s disturbing that the Trudeau government is so out-of-touch that they can’t even see their own hypocrisy.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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jack grandville

To be frank, I can see no difference whatever in Mr. Ouellette’s comment as it applies to the Liberal mindset, which effectively mirrors the “Wonderful World of Oz.” It simply follows an ingrained mental state that has continually affected the minds of Liberals and the Liberal Party since Pierre’s ‘reign’ — for that is what his tenure was. We see the precise imitation in the Liberal Party today, only far more deep seated and the word ‘cult’ comes to mind as one watches this repetition of history.

Colin Nichols

A bad comment as no politician should take a Marie Antoinette attitude.
Current tax practises allow incorporation but an examination of statistics of recent incorporation numbers suggests that higher income earners are the main source of usage and are in many cases are opening more than one company to absorb income.
Clearly this is not the intent of the legislation