The Opposition Must Push For Canada To Join North American Missile Shield

With the threat from North Korea showing no sign of receding, it is unacceptable that Canadians are not protected by a missile defence system.

North Korea’s belligerence and weapon advancements are growing by the day.

We are now in a world where a rogue state can threaten nuclear blackmail.

History has shown that when conflict erupts, no country is safe, and past security is no guarantee of future security.

That’s why it is not acceptable to simply hope for the best and hope that North Korea won’t attack anyone, or hit Canada – even accidentally.

Considering that we’re talking about weapons with the power to kill hundreds of thousands of people at a time in the hands of an unstable regime, it is clear that our leaders are failing in their duty to protect Canadians by refusing to build up our missile defences.

The opposition must pressure the government

Despite some members of the Liberal Party calling for missile defences, Trudeau is refusing to join the a North American Missile Defence shield.

This is a bipartisan failure.

While they were in power, the Harper government also refused to either sign on to a North American missile shield, or develop our own missile defence capability.

Of course, the threat is now much greater than in the past, as North Korea presents a unique and unpredictable danger.

We don’t want to imagine a Canadian city in ruins, and look back and realize it could have been prevented.

That’s why the Conservative opposition must shake off their previous failure to invest in missile defences, recognize the new situation, and begin publicly pushing the Trudeau government to stand up for Canadians and provide us with missile defences.

Our leaders – of all political stripes – must be able to come together on the basic imperative of defending our people. Missile defences are now an essential part of providing the security Canadians deserve.

The time for delay is over. The time for providing Canadians with a missile shield is now. The opposition must do everything possible to help make that happen by pressuring the government to do the right thing.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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