REPORT: Water Crisis On Reserves Worse Under Trudeau Than Under Harper

For all his talk, Trudeau has totally failed to keep his promise to address the growing water crisis in Indigenous communities, and it’s gotten even worse under his “leadership.”

A new report by Vice News reveals that the water crisis on Indigenous reserves has worsened under the Trudeau government, despite the governments dishonest claims to the contrary.

According to the report, before Trudeau was elected, “there were 114 First Nations under 159 drinking water advisories across Canada. (Drinking water advisories can affect as little as one building or an entire First Nation, so communities can have more than one advisory at a time.)”

Now, “Fast forward to this year, and as of July 31, 2017, there were a total of 121 First Nations under 172 drinking water advisories across Canada, including B.C.”

More lies from the Trudeau government

It seems the Trudeau government has been lying about their “efforts” to fix the crisis.

According to Vice, the government sent a list of 22 communities that had clean water, yet when Vice contacted them, only 14 said they had clean water.

The Trudeau government also tried taking credit for water infrastructure on Pic Mobert First Nation that was actually funded while Harper was in power.

Globalist Trudeau’s foreign image takes precedence over helping Canadian citizens

As I’ve said before, while there need to be stronger efforts to ensure money is spent effectively, fixing the terrible infrastructure on many reserves is an area where the government should spend more money.

That money can come from existing sources, particularly by cutting foreign aid. It’s simply wrong for the government to give our tax money to foreign countries while our own citizens living on reserves often don’t even have drinking water.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau believes the exact opposite. He wants to give our money away around the world so he can get credit for being a good “Global Citizen.”

Clearly, Trudeau only cares about creating an image that makes it look like he’s helping Indigenous People – without actually helping.

If we ignore the deceptive image manipulation, it’s clear that Trudeau has no interest in helping Canadians – including those on reserves. The fact that he is spending billions more per year yet has done worse than Harper when it comes to providing drinking water to many communities is a total disgrace.

As time goes on, Trudeau’s entire political image is revealed to be a fraud perpetrated upon the Canadian people.

Read the full Vice Report here

Spencer Fernando


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