Why Is Trudeau Going After Small Businesses Instead Of The Big Banks?

If Trudeau really wanted more revenue, he would look to the big banks making massive profits, instead of attacking Canada’s small businesses.

With most Canadians experiencing wages that are stagnant or declining in real terms, the increasing burden of taxes under the Trudeau government is making things worse.

However, while millions of Canadians struggle, bankers have done very well under the Trudeau government. For them, the good times are rolling.

The reported Q3 profit of Canada’s five big banks was $10.15 billion. Despite concerns over the housing market and massive levels of consumer debt, banking is clearly an industry that is doing well during the Trudeau era.

Yet, massive profits aren’t the only reason the banks must be happy with Trudeau. Through his so-called “Canada Infrastructure Fund,” Trudeau is giving $35 billion to a fund that will be heavily influenced by banks (both Canadian banks and foreign banks), and will put all the risks of failed investments on Canadian taxpayers – while giving banks all the rewards.

Trudeau’s willingness to serve the banks comes at the expense of the middle class, as we can see in his attack on Canada’s middle class small business owners.

If Trudeau was really concerned about fairness or government revenue, he would impose a tax on the banks, taking some of their immense profit. Instead, he’s taking from Canadian small businesses, which will have a devastating impact on the middle class and on the top source of jobs in our country.

By serving as a tool of the banks and choosing to attack small businesses, Trudeau has made clear that he is an enemy of the middle class, not a supporter of it.

The Trudeau government is skewing our rigged economy even further towards the powerful elites. In Trudeau’s Canada, the bankers get richer, while middle class small businesses get screwed.

That’s not the real change people thought they were getting.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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