VIDEO: Finance Minister Bill Morneau Repeats Lie About Small Business Tax Attack

Morneau once again repeats false claim that changes will impact only a “small” number of Canadian small businesses.

Earlier, I discussed how tax expert Kim Moody (the Director of Canadian Tax Advisory at Moody’s Gartner Tax Law) is opposing the dangerous tax changes being proposed by the Trudeau government.

Moody said the rhetoric of the Trudeau government is“false and misleading.”

In particular, Moody ripped the government for claiming the changes will only impact a small number of Canadian small businesses.

As Moody pointed out, the tax rules are “very pervasive,” and will impact almost all small business owners.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau government is doubling down on dishonesty. Watch the recent statement by Finance Minister Bill Morneau below, where he once again repeats the lie.

Morneau’s dishonest messaging is clearly catching up to him, as the backlash continues to grow. Repeating more lies will only add to the anger and mistrust.

Spencer Fernando

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alan skelhorne

can you imagine, that canadians are still drooling over this government, all they see through their rose coloured glasses, are unicorns n rainbows. but when the crap hits the fan, they will have no idea what happened.another day in the liberal government, lies n more lies.

jack grandville

“…..he once again repeats the lie.” Lying is as natural as breathing to a Liberal – perhaps more so. Morneau has a job to do and, being a ‘faithful Liberal’ does not consider ‘repeating a lie’ to be lying. It simply stating a falsehood that the Party and himself only see as the truth. Many years ago my grandfather said to me when we were discussing people in general: “If you can fool the man who watches you shave, you are in dire need of help.” No truer words were ever spoken.


Lyozh! (Lie!)

don morris

Notice how the Liberals are scrambling desperately to find more tax money to pay for their mishandling of almost every portfolio,but also notice they are leaving their true constituency alone; the big banks,the Liberal Billionaire’s corporate club,and the civil servants. The Liberals have to make hay off of whoever’s left after looking out for their own. That leaves small business and incorporated doctors and other medical services. They may find a bigger opponent than they anticipated with the doctors,who are royally po’ed at this tax grab. Funny how Obama’s ignorant and infamous,”you didn’t build that” is essentially the same mentality… Read more »