VIDEO: Finance Minister Bill Morneau Repeats Lie About Small Business Tax Attack

Morneau once again repeats false claim that changes will impact only a “small” number of Canadian small businesses.

Earlier, I discussed how tax expert Kim Moody (the Director of Canadian Tax Advisory at Moody’s Gartner Tax Law) is opposing the dangerous tax changes being proposed by the Trudeau government.

Moody said the rhetoric of the Trudeau government is“false and misleading.”

In particular, Moody ripped the government for claiming the changes will only impact a small number of Canadian small businesses.

As Moody pointed out, the tax rules are “very pervasive,” and will impact almost all small business owners.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau government is doubling down on dishonesty. Watch the recent statement by Finance Minister Bill Morneau below, where he once again repeats the lie.

Morneau’s dishonest messaging is clearly catching up to him, as the backlash continues to grow. Repeating more lies will only add to the anger and mistrust.

Spencer Fernando

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