Cowardly Trudeau Silent On Website In Calgary Advocating Female Genital Mutilation As “Islamic Practice”

If Trudeau really cared about defending the rights of women, why hasn’t he spoken out against the horrific anti-women practice of FGM?

A disturbing article written by Asiff Hussein on a website called, and referring to FGM as an “Islamic practice,” is generating significant attention and outrage throughout Canadian social media.

The article uses horrible neo-Nazi style language blaming what it falsely calls “a largely Jewish controlled media,” for opposition to the horrific practice.

The website was brought to wide attention on Twitter by reporter Candice Malcolm:

Not only is the article horribly anti-Semitic, but it also serves as pro-FGM propaganda. It tries to downplay the impact of FGM, saying the kind being advocated for is somehow “different” than the “harsher forms.”

Yet, as Malcolm points out, “Hussein makes a case for the supposed health benefits, while also admitting the practice reduces what he calls “the excessive sexual arousal in women. The World Health Organization (WHO) condemns all forms of FGM, which is practiced today in more than 30 countries and has been carried out on 200 million girls and women worldwide.”

It should be noted that the website name doesn’t mean it speaks for all Muslims in Calgary. It only has 21 followers on Twitter. In many instances, Canadian Muslims have left countries run by pro-Sharia Law governments in order to escape oppression and practices like FGM. This is something often forgotten by cowardly politicians who refuse to condemn FGM and speak out for the values Canadians of all backgrounds share. Among the most cowardly is Justin Trudeau. 

Trudeau silent on vile anti-women and anti-Semitic attitudes

Many Canadians are wondering why Trudeau – a self proclaimed feminist – is silent on this. Not only has Trudeau decided to remove a warning against FGM from the New Citizenship Guide, but he has also been silent on the growing concern about FGM spreading in Canada, and has not spoken out against “pro-Palestinian” rallies where anti-Jewish chants were uttered.

Some may wonder why Trudeau should comment on this. The reason is that this is the world we now live in. When events reach the news – and news of the horrible pro-FGM article has been spreading for days – leaders must speak out, particularly when our values are at stake. For example, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer recently made a statement about the violence at a Baptist Church in Ontario, and the arson of a Quebec Mosque Leader’s car. That’s what leaders need to do.

If he was a real leader, Trudeau would be condemning the anti-Semitism and pro-FGM propaganda, as there must be no tolerance for hateful attitudes in Canada.


FGM – and the oppressive attitude behind it – is totally contrary to the values upon which Canada is based, and any leader with even an ounce of courage and common-sense would do everything possible to stop it from happening in Canada. Clearly, Trudeau lacks courage and common-sense.

By remaining silent, Trudeau is failing in his duty to speak up for Canada’s values.

Of course, it has been clear for some time that Justin Trudeau is a coward who hides behind the feminist label to avoid actually taking a stand for women’s rights.

Trudeau only defends the rights of women in his “safe spaces,” when he’s attending international galas or trying to win “Global Citizen” awards. When the chips are really down, and when standing up for equality would require real courage, Trudeau chickens out and takes the cowardly path of silence.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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