POLL: Liberals Lead Conservatives By 12% Points

According to the poll, Trudeau’s approval rating is 28% points ahead of Scheer’s.

A new poll by Abacus Data – which is seen by some as skewed towards the Liberals – puts the Trudeau Liberals ahead of the Scheer Conservatives at the halfway mark of their term in office.

Here are the numbers:

  • Liberals – 43%
  • Conservatives – 31%
  • NDP – 17%
  • Greens – 6%

When it comes to party leader approval ratings, Scheer has a long way to go:

  • Trudeau – 47% approve, 28% disapprove
  • Scheer – 19% approve, 18% disapprove

As a new leader, it’s no surprise that many Canadians have no opinion of Scheer. Yet, the fact that his approval ratings is a full 28% points behind Trudeau (if this poll is correct), while his disapproval rating is just 10% lower than Trudeau is concerning.

Conservatives missing out on potential supporters

The poll also broke down voting intention by where people situated themselves on the political spectrum.

Interestingly, among those who consider themselves to be on the “right,” 22% say they will vote Liberal, while 66% support the Conservatives. This means that nearly a quarter of people who could be part of the Conservative base are planning to vote for the Liberals.

The Liberals also have a big lead among those on the left – 56%, and a smaller lead among those who identify themselves as being in the centre – 43%.

Conservatives should ignore the conventional wisdom

While the “conventional wisdom,” (AKA what the elites want people to do), is for the Conservatives to push the same establishment agenda as the Liberals while calling themselves Conservatives, that won’t give anyone a reason to vote for anything different, and will only benefit the Liberals in the end. It would also further demoralize those who could be enticed to support a change in government.

Remember, the elites just want the Conservatives to be nice and uncontroversial before losing to the Liberals “respectfully.”

Scheer should ignore that advice.

Instead, by aggressively pushing back against Trudeau’s dangerous agenda, and by speaking out strongly in favour of policies that put the interests of Canadians first (including economic nationalism instead of globalism), Scheer can give himself a chance to reach a whole new range of voters and reshape the political spectrum.

Read the full poll here

Spencer Fernando


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