Canada Must Drastically Toughen Punishments For Those Performing Female Genital Mutilation

FGM is against our values as Canadians, and the government must send a clear message that it is unacceptable in our country.

Canadians believe in the equality of men and women under the law. That’s why there is such concern about the rise of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) taking place in our country.

From reports that more people are coming across the border to inflict the horrible procedure on girls in Canada, some people taking their children outside the country to perform the procedure, to a website advocating for the procedure in the country, there is rising concern that the horribly anti-women procedure is growing in the country.

That is not something Canada can accept.

That’s why it’s time to drastically toughen the punishments for those performing female genital mutilation in Canada.

Currently, performing female genital mutilation is considered aggravated assault under the criminal codesection 268(3). The maximum punishment for aggravated assault is 14 years in prison. Of course, in our justice system almost nobody ever gets the maximum for that crime.

That must change.

To send a clear and unmistakable message that Canada won’t tolerate FGM, the following steps should be taken:

  • Increase the punishment for performing FGM to a minimum of 15 years in prison, and maximum of 30 years.
  • Launch a public awareness campaign on TV, online, print, and radio, announcing the tougher penalties for FGM.
  • Restore the clear message that FGM is unacceptable in Canada to the New Citizenship Guide (it was disgracefully taken out by Trudeau), including a clear mention of the tougher penalties.

The anti-FGM message must be clear and unmistakable, and severe punishment is the way to accomplish that goal. While the Trudeau government in their total cowardice is unlikely to support such a move, the opposition should take a stand and demand changes like the ones proposed here.

Canada must never allow FGM to become normalized and acceptable in this country.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Keep dreaming. This won’t happen under Trudeau’s government. This country has turned itself into Big Sweden, and is slowly dying.

Roger Shelswell

The liberals are well on there way to make this legal practice in Canadastan

jack grandville

For the most obvious reasons, Spencer, I side with Roman. I also believe that you realize that such is the case and nothing will be done. Interesting, in that we have a person who ‘claims’ to be a feminist, but cannot bring himself to condemn this barbaric act against women. So we are left with an individual who (again) is either lying or is being told by outside influence not to speak up and do the right thing. Wow, what an example of cowardice.


I don’t trust the courts anymore to defend and protect the citizens of Canadians from a culture like FGM! From the time they decided to take our law unto their own to implement their own law that contravene our culture is the day they lost their own selves and Canada to cultures we have no knowledge of.

don morris

The perfect solution,and I’m sure Gerald Butts has already thought of this; keep a gauge on public opinion re FGM,and if it becomes a hot issue, pass some vaguely worded laws against it,with lame penalties. At the same time, allow Sharia Courts as they do in Britain,our beloved Old Country, and let them deal with this “internal Muslim issue”.

Outta sight,outta mind.


Doctors can lose their Licence for performing this procedure.
They also must notify OHIP WHAT the Procedure was to GET PAID.
The wait times for General Surgery are long- I’m waiting now for an important surgery. A Doctor is NOT going to take the chance of losing his License when there are 1000’s of people waiting in line for legal surgeries. If a backroom unlicensed Doctor from another country does it … that is different.

Cheryl Kilboy

Castration to the male Dr would be an appropriate punishment. Plus a HUGE fine. Get them where they will feel it.

Brian Richard Allen

…. Increase the punishment for performing FGM to Not Less Than 15 years in prison Nor More Than 30 years ….
And to include the stripping, where applicable, of Canadian citizenship and mandatory deportation.