Canada Should Welcome Some Rohingya Muslims As Refugees

As British Conservative MP Daniel Hannan has pointed out, the Rohingya supported the allies in World War Two, while the establishment in Burma supported the Axis, and that’s a part of why the Rohingya are being persecuted today. Canada should do what we can to help.

The Rohingya – a religious minority in the nation of Burma – are facing terrible persecution.

While the Rohingya have been in Burma for a long time, they had their rights stripped away in 1982, and are in many ways a stateless population.

Some reports of the atrocities being committed are truly horrible.

Entire villages have been burned down, and there are reports that members of Burmese Army are beheading some Rohingya Muslims.

Over 100,000 have now fled in the past week or so as violence escalates.

Impact of history: Burma, which was part of the British Raj, was invaded by the Axis powers in World War Two.

British Conservative MP Daniel Hannan explained what happened next:

“Why are they so resented by their Burmese neighbours? Largely because, in 1942, when many Arakanese Buddhists sided with the invading Japanese, the Rohingya stayed loyal to Britain. The army commander, Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, pointed explicitly to that conflict in order to justify the current repressions, telling his countrymen: “We will never let such a terrible occurrence happen again”‘.

So, the Rohingya are facing persecution now because members of that community stood with the Allies in World War Two, as opposed to supporting the Axis powers. Canada should certainly reward their loyalty, and do what we can to help.

  • First, we should threaten to cut-off trade with Burma.
  • Second, we should cut off all foreign aid to Burma. The Trudeau government gave them nearly $9 million more in aid earlier this year. We shouldn’t be giving any foreign aid, and certainly not to a country that is so violently oppressing many people.
  • Third, we should consider revoking the honourary Canadian citizenship of Aung San Suu Kyi. She’s not much of a human rights champion if she remains silent when her country is committing terrible crimes against innocent people.
  • And fourth, we should welcome a few thousand Rohingya as refugees. As I’ve said when discussing Trudeau’s failed border policies, Canada should be a welcoming country, but that welcome must be legal and on our terms. There is a big difference between people illegally entering from the United States, and people fleeing beheadings. Additionally, we would be choosing who comes into the country, rather than having people enter in violation of our laws.

While Canada must focus our resources on our own citizens, accepting a few thousand refugees from Burma would help people escape certain death. It’s not our job to fix the world’s problems or save everybody, but we can help some people.

At the same time, Canada should speak out more strongly against other persecution happening in the world, including against the many Christians being horribly oppressed around the globe. Canada should be focusing our refugee policy on those who are actually in real danger, not illegal crossings from democratic countries.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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In about 4 days Canadian media is full of yet another group of refugees, and the urgency needed to bring them to Canada. Why was the plight of Yazidis – for year murdered, tortured, enslaved by Islamic terrorists ISIS deliberately ignored by Trudeau Gvt & Cdn MSM except for the ongoing demands by the CPC.
I’m sick of the double standards of cherry-picking which ethnic religious groups deserves to be relevant enough to be brought to Canada.
I’m very surprised and disappointed with your position in this regard.


I rather suspect that IQ80 was told what to do and how to do it regarding the Yazidi survivors by his imam.


I agree! We Canadian taxpayers have had enough! It is time for Trudeau to not be spineless and say No!

You might want to rethink this idea Spencer as the above article points out.
Regards as always


A) I highly doubt this is from roots in the Second World War.
B) Muslim minorites always attempt to impose their way of life on their host countries (see France, Germany, Sweden etc.)
C) What makes these Muslims any different from those who have been invited by the Trudeau government, and are now beginning to cause trouble in our schools and cities?


Spencer, you need to brush up a little more on the unalterable Islamic doctrines of Hijra, supremacism, and totalitarian political Islamic takeovers from minority positions over the last 1400 years. They have nothing to do with “grievances”. “Reporting on the Rohingya: ‘The Tip of a Huge Iceberg of Misinformation’ ” ( The original publishing of this article has even more interesting and informative reader comments: ( One of the comments includes this link, which seems to be a patriotic Myanmar organization devoted to keeping the country Buddhist: 969 Movement: Myths ( There is an archive of hundreds of articles about… Read more »