“An Embarrassment”: Justin Trudeau Accidentally Autographed A Neo-Nazi Flag

The flag belonged to a known “neo-Nazi and Blood and Honour leader.”

It has been revealed by Vice that Justin Trudeau signed a Neo-Nazi flag at the Calgary Stampede earlier this year.

Vice points out that the flag was disguised as a bandanna, and it’s true nature was hidden from Trudeau when he signed a piece of red cloth.

As noted by Vice, “Now, Trudeau didn’t know that this particular bit of cloth was part of a flag as it was tucked into the shirt of a portly Calgary man and made to look like a bandanna. The man—well-known neo-Nazi and Blood and Honour leader, Kyle McKee—waded through the crowd with a permanent marker and asked the prime minister to sign it, which Trudeau gladly obliged.”

And while nobody thinks Trudeau is some sort of neo-Nazi sympathizer, he is being criticized by an expert for his “loose” approach in crowds.

Security expert Tyrone Watts told Vice that Trudeau’s approach of wading into crowds and letting people get close to him could put him at risk:

“If you get in that close and he handed a pen to the prime minister, there is nothing to say that a hand movement and a knife coming out of the belt and a stab to have happened, something to bring harm to the prime minister.”

While I’m no fan of the Prime Minister, nobody wants to see him get injured. He should do more to make it easier for security to protect him.

“An embarrassment”

Watts points out that Trudeau’s actions are an embarrassment, saying “It’s an embarrassment on the force, it’s an embarrassment on the government, and it should be an embarrassment on Mr. Trudeau for not looking at what’s he doing.” 

Watts is absolutely right. It is embarrassing that Trudeau signed a flag belonging to a neo-Nazi pushing a vile ideology that has no place in Canada, even if it was accidental.

Through his time in office, a pattern has emerged in which Trudeau seems unable to realize that as Prime Minister, his actions represent the image of Canada to much of the world. Everything he does has consequences. When he tweets irresponsibly, or puts his public relations image ahead of maintaining the dignity of the office, he hurts the image of Canada and does a disservice to our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab


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Can we expect anything but …..his history is fraught with embarrassment to Canada

don morris

I wish more people would grow up and consider the true consequences of their actions.While the idiot who did this probably thought he was going to create an embarrassing situation for PM Trudeau,all he did was gain a lot of sympathy for Trudeau. Yesterday here in Kelowna,the PM spoke to a group of new citizens at their swearing -in ceremony.As he was speaking,some idiot yahoo drove by and yelled an obscenity at Trudeau,who promptly responded,”and I tolerate YOU too,sir”,thus getting a big laugh and the empathy of his adoring audience. Trudeau is popular, and childish stunts are not going to… Read more »

jack grandville

Don, I agree with your comment: “……Andrew Scheer and the CPC at last have their ‘wedge’ issue. From his questionable performance (and that is all it is) on any issue and under any circumstances, he appears to come up still breathing. However, following the precise methods of garnering every last pittance from the population, he is blindly going down the same road as every dictator throughout history. Steal the money in the name of the ‘necessities of the state’ and you can rule forever. What he fails to realize, however, that history also demonstrates very clearly that such ambitions have… Read more »

jack grandville

“…….seems unable to realize……” Those words alone appear to pretty well sum up Trudeau’s capability on anything he does.


What do you expect from this walking gaffe of a leader?


what no pie in his face to mess up his face & hair?- lol just like his hero jean cretin


Bet you he s not ashamed of signing ,quite the contrary he can t be blamed for doing it knowingly.