Remember Trudeau’s $35 Billion Giveaway To Wall Street & Foreign Banks?

As Trudeau tries to hide from his attack on the middle-class, Canadians must remember that he put $35 billion of taxpayer dollars into a fund dominated by some of the world’s biggest banks.

Justin Trudeau’s political strategy is obvious. He’s trying to cast himself as the defender of the middle-class, despite all evidence to the contrary.

He knows that much of the elitist corporate media will uncritically push his message, so what he says doesn’t need to be true to have an impact on public opinion.

That’s why those of us opposed to Trudeau’s dangerous agenda must not let his anti middle-class actions be forgotten.

Infrastructure bank betrayal

Against the warnings of numerous experts and concerns from both opposition parties, Trudeau pushed the “Canada” Infrastructure Bank through.

Of course, we know that the only thing Canadian about the Infrastructure Bank is the name.

The bank is exempt from access-to-information laws, it’s board may include foreign bankers, it was designed in conjunction with BlackRock (one of the largest global wealth funds) who got access long before Canadians knew what was going on, and it puts $35 billion of taxpayer dollars at risk and under the influence of biggest banks on earth (the same ones that almost destroyed the financial system in 2008).

Worst of all, the bank is structured in such a way that Canadian taxpayers will take the hit for any losses, while the big banks get all the rewards.

And, look forward to paying toll money to Wall Street banks and other foreign banks, as taxpayers will paying the banks over and over and over again to use infrastructure that is supposed to belong to Canadians.

All in all, it’s about the biggest betrayal of working-class and middle-class Canadians ever seen.

Trudeau has no credibility on the middle-class

Trudeau is an elitist, born into immense wealth and power. He doesn’t know what it’s like to be a middle-class Canadian, and his agenda serves himself and his fellow globalist elites.

This fact has to be repeated over and over again, because Trudeau is desperate to distract from it. That’s part of why he’s blaming middle-class small business owners and trying to scapegoat them.

We must not let Trudeau’s deceptions succeed. His $35 billion giveaway to foreign banks is one of the biggest betrayals Canada has seen, and Canadians must remember it.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Trudeau is the worst mistake in the history of Canada! He is so corrupt, and above the law!


guess the next question is IS TRUDEAU EVEN SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW ALL THIS ???


It does not matter if he is smart enough to know. He should be smart enough to consult with experts on the matter to advise the liberal party. The experts have advised that THIS IS A BAD MOVE, REALLY BAD ONE.


He doesn’t have to be. He’s a puppet to the puppeteers of the UN who are the one’s he takes his marching orders from. They rule Canada through him. He is a ‘global citizen’, not a true citizen of Canada. His only mandate is to help the UN NWO Agenda to implement a “one world order” to which Canada would become a ‘post national’ state. He plans to do away with Canada’s sovereignty. That’s why he refuses to close the border. A One World Order has NO borders as in the EU. He is evil and treasonous! This is an… Read more »

Sandra Clark

I read that awhile ago. For Trudeau to say that “Canada has no core identity” is garbage and comes from a man who wishes to change Canada for the worst. The immigrant of yesterday came here with basically nothing and worked their butt’s off to make it. They volunteered and went to war, to protect this country. They gave to this country. They built this country. Hard work and sweat and early deaths and hardship…all for Canada. Yes, they missed their own origins, but they wanted to be part of Canada more. Today, they come and the majority go on… Read more »


The answer is “Simple”, just NO. He has the brain of a “Slug” or perhaps a “Tick”, makes no never mind, he is just not smart!

George H. Armstrong

And what is Canada making from this? Peanuts. You can get 1/2 of 1% OVERNIGHT if you have enough bucks to kite. That is 180% per year, with almost zero risk and you still have your original capital at the end of the year. Canadians deserve to have that question answered: what are Canadians making from this?

Brian Richard Allen

…. Baby-Dawk Trudeau’s Thirty-Five-Billion-Dollar giveaway to foreign banks is one of the biggest betrayals Canada has seen ….

Except for his (maybe) sperm donor, “PET” Trudeau Père’s, giveaway – via the Marxist-Institute/Frankfurt School’s twin tyrannies of “multiculturalism” and “political correctness, of the very culture of the Canada he so loathed, of (effectively) Canada’s borders, its language and – let’s face it – of the Canadian Nation.

Baby Dawk’s a piker.

Marlene Stobbart

The betrayal of Canada by Liberal PM J Trudeau was a given. He follows the mandate set down by the powers that be, unlike former PM Harper, whom, himself was betrayed, imho. The Liberals East of Manitoba have long held the power over all of Canada. The Conserive Harper Gov’t did so much good in practical terms for the every day person, but the media and the powers that be didn’t like that. People forgot what the former PM PETrudeau economics were all about. But, not his son, JT.