WATCH: Scheer Promises Low Taxes & Prosperity, Attacks Trudeau For Hurting Middle-Class Canadians

Scheer says Trudeau Liberals “are disconnected from the everyday life of middle-class Canadians.”

As Andrew Scheer kicked-off the Conservative Caucus meeting, he addressed the party Caucus.

In his speech, Scheer promised that the Conservatives will stand up for low taxes, prosperity, and opportunity.

He also attacked the Trudeau government for their disconnect from the lives of Canadians, and criticized Trudeau’s policies that are hurting the middle class.

Watch Scheer’s speech in the video below:

Supporting the middle-class

Scheer is making clear that he is focused on supporting middle-class Canadians, who have been abandoned and betrayed by Trudeau.

Here is part of a statement Scheer made as the Caucus meeting began:

“As our Conservative caucus is meeting in Winnipeg this week, we will keep standing up for low taxes, prosperity, and opportunity for all Canadians.

We understand that you’re up in the morning, out the door, you drop off the kids to school or daycare, fight the traffic, endure the public transit, get to work, put in a full shift, get home, make supper, clean up the house…

And as you fall into bed exhausted every night, you hope that after the mortgage is paid, the bills are paid, and after the electricity bills are paid you hope, you really hope, that there won’t be any month left at the end of the money…

… then you hit ‘Reset’ and do it all again the next day.

For so many of us, for so many hard-working Canadians, that is the reality of life. But under Justin Trudeau’s leadership, the Liberals are disconnected from the everyday life of middle-class Canadians.

They don’t know. They don’t understand. And although they say they care, I’m not sure I believe them.”

Unlike Trust Fund Trudeau, Scheer has actually experienced life as a middle-class Canadian, which gives him an opportunity over time to connect with Canadians in a more genuine and realistic way, as opposed to Trudeau’s deceptive and dishonest media manipulation image.

Spencer Fernando


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