“Free Trade” With China Would Be A Total Betrayal Of Canadian Workers

The globalists must not be allowed to impose such a disastrous deal upon our country.

Imagine this:

A Canadian province decides to ban labour unions, slash the minimum wage, eliminates almost all environmental protections, bans reporters and the public from accessing government information, eliminates any concept of true private property, and forces every major company to answer to a government appointed official who has ultimate power over their fate.

Then, imagine that they begin flooding other provinces with massive amounts of cheap goods, steal intellectual property, and give gigantic subsidies to their companies allowing them to undercut the production of all other provinces with cheap labour.

And finally, imagine that this caused provinces to lose tons of well-paying secure jobs, pushing hundreds of thousands into poverty, crushing the middle class, and destroying the leverage workers had in favour of big profits for a few massive corporations.

How do you think the federal government, Canadian provinces, and the Canadian people would react to this?

Of course, there would be massive outrage. Nobody would see this as “free trade,” let alone “fair trade.” The other provinces would immediately retaliate with tariffs to protect what was left of their industries, and would probably engage in legal actions to try and balance the playing field. Unions, and union members would condemn the province for hurting workers, and the middle-class would be outraged at the economic damage in their communities.

As we know, this wouldn’t happen in a Canadian province, because we have laws and protections in place to prevent it.

And yet, by pushing for so-called “free trade” with China, Justin Trudeau is going to create the dangerous scenario I mentioned above – on an even bigger scale.

That’s why “free trade” with China would be a total betrayal of Canadian workers, and must be stopped.

Free trade with Japan, the United States, North Korea, and the European Union is one thing. Those countries are all similar to Canada in terms of wages, per-capita income, labour laws, environmental laws, and government structure. While there are certainly some differences, there are more similarities.

However, China is totally different. There is no such thing as true “free trade” with China. Instead, we open our market up to companies in China that are controlled by the communist party government and are based upon cheap labour, intellectual property theft, and a total subversion of the rule of law.

Opening our country up to free trade from China would be a disaster. China can always provide far more cheap labour and government subsidies than we can, and while this will certainly benefit a few big Canadian banks and big companies, Canadian workers will pay a serious price.

Instead of increasing trade with China, we should increase tariffs on many products, and impose stronger restrictions on investment from China into Canada. In any industry where China is unfairly subsidizing their industries, it would be insane for us to upon up our economy to unfair competition. That isn’t free trade, it’s just stupidity.

Unfortunately, globalists like Justin Trudeau don’t care about Canadian workers. Trudeau and his fellow elites are implementing an agenda that serves global corporations, banks, and high-level government bureaucrats. What they want more than anything is to crush wages and force more and more desperate people to be dependent upon the government. In turn, this makes labour incredibly cheap – which feeds into the profits of global corporations, which then feeds into massive profits by the world’s biggest banks.

“Free trade” with China means the globalist elites win, and Canadian workers lose.

We must not let that happen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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