Scheer Targets Arrogance Of Trudeau Government

Line of attack for upcoming parliamentary session becoming clear.

It seems “arrogance” will be a key line of attack for the opposition Conservatives as they take on the Liberals in the upcoming Parliamentary session.

In his speech at the end of the Conservative Caucus retreat in Winnipeg (which you can watch here), Scheer made reference to the arrogance of the Trudeau government on a variety of issues.

It certainly fits.

Justin Trudeau’s time in power has been one example of arrogance after the other. From his elitist economic policies, dismissal of criticism and other opinions, to trying to hid the Omar Khadr payment disgrace from the Canadian People, Justin Trudeau clearly thinks the people of our country are meant to serve him, rather than the other way around.

Trudeau has taken arrogance to a new, and dangerous level, as he sees himself even as above the defending the idea of Canada as a special and unique nation.

Instead, he pushes the ideology of “global citizenship,” which denies the idea that the government exists to serve our citizens, and puts the interests of other countries and global institutions ahead of our nation.

As a result, the “arrogance” attack has the potential for to be effective for the Opposition, as it encompasses the underlying attitude of the Trudeau government on a wide range of issues, and fits with what many Canadians are starting to feel.

While Trudeau campaigned as a different kind of politician who would listen to others and be a more humble servant of Canadians, his promises have been revealed as total lies.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that an elitist trust fund kid from a political dynasty turned out to be arrogant, and the more that arrogance is exposed the better our prospects of taking the country back.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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jack grandville

This attitude reflects precisely what Pierre groomed him for — the better description is brainwashed him for — and, as a brainwashed individual, he has no real thought process but instead reacts to stimuli — the true sign of successful brainwashing. His intellectual capabilities are extremely limited and he needs stimuli to be able to carry out the path set for him by Pierre those many years ago. Pierre despised Canada and all that it stood for and, being unsuccessful in achieving the destruction of this country himself, he managed to inculcate his plans into the mind of his eldest… Read more »


One simply has to follow Trudeau and his singing blondebird to detect the definite array of arrogant behavior …rather than reflecting on citizens’ comments , their words and actions simply defy anything that does not suit their personal agenda …that is arrogance , closed mindedness and brainless stubborness; Q: where did they get the expertise to lead a nation …a definite statement on their identity crisis is what transpires in their total public expression !!